New Wireless Technology from InFocus Cuts the Cord for Presenters -

New Wireless Technology from InFocus Cuts the Cord for Presenters

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InFocus Corporation unveiled its new wireless solution that eliminates the need to have wired connections between computers and select InFocus projectors. Made possible by a partnership with Wisair, a leading provider of single-chip based wireless USB solutions, the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system allows presenters to easily connect to InFocus DisplayLink-enabled projectors and share HD content on the big screen without wires.

Travelling salespeople and lecturers are no longer bound to projectors by cords; the DisplayLink Wireless adapters allow for easy connectivity from anywhere in the boardroom or lecture hall. With little initial set-up required, the DisplayLink Wireless system is the ultimate in plug-and-project technology. Simply plug in the DisplayLink Wireless adapters and instantly connect with your InFocus projector from distances of up to 30 ft. The new technology allows users to share high-quality content and video with their audience at high-bandwidth speeds of 99Mbps net data rate.

“Wisair is very excited to partner with InFocus, a global leader in the digital projection market,” noted David Yaish, Wisair’s president and CEO. “Wisair’s high-performance UWB and Wireless USB single-chip technology integrated with InFocus projectors frees users from cables and enhances their convenience and connectivity options. Users can wirelessly project any content from their laptop, including HD video and graphics, while simultaneously connected to a WiFi access point for wireless Internet connectivity. They can project from anywhere in the room over a robust Wisair-based wireless link. This is an ideal solution for the corporate or education segments.”

A key feature of the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless solution is the ease of setting up the system. InFocus is using pre-paired adapters, meaning that the PC Adapter and projector are already associated with each other upon purchase. Also, upon initial set-up, an onboard driver in the PC Adapter speeds up software installation. The solution provides peer-to-peer high speed connectivity that does not load the WiFi network nor degrades its performance. In addition, the wireless link between the computer and the projector supports the InFocus DisplayLink Manager, enabling users to control the projector from the PC over the wireless link without the need to physically access the projector.

“In working to develop this technology, our major focus was on making the connection between presenter and projector as seamless as possible,” said Stephen John, product manager at InFocus. “Before a presentation, the last thing someone wants to hassle with are cords, or possible delay due to AV equipment not working right. So we made the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless simple: a USB plug and a projector is all you need.”


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