Bogen to IntroduceNewProducts at InfoComm

Bogen to IntroduceNewProducts at InfoComm

Bogen will be introducing several new products at Infocomm 2016, including a full line of sound contractor-grade Class D-based paging and intercom amplifiers, a pair of new Apogee high-performance pro-audio amplifiers, and a state-of-the-art, self-contained, six-zone music and paging system.

Bogen will introduce six models in its revamped Gold Seal Series of amplifiers.Bogen will introduce six models in its revamped Gold Seal Series of amplifiers—now featuring Class D amplification, ranging from 35 watts of output up to 500 watts, making them ideal for sound contractors who want to design in the precise power level needed. The Class D amplification system enables highly efficient operation, with reduced power consumption and heat dissipation compared with previous models.

Features include seven inputs (four mic, one mic/tel, one mic/aux, and aux); dual-function 10-band graphic equalizer; loudness contour control; phantom power for each mic input; variable music muting; remote master volume control; automatic level control; low-cut filter for mic channels; and aux fade back after tel page.

The Gold Seal Series works with 4-ohm, 8-ohm, 25-volt, 25-volt CT, and 70-volt systems. The amps provide several safety features, as well as thermal and overload protection. Available accessories, sold separately, include a tamper-resistant front cover, rack mounting kit, and a remote volume control.

Bogen will also introduce two new models in its Apogee-branded line of professional audio amplifiers. Apogee's CA8000D and CA8000DX amplifiers are designed to offer cost-effective performance for permanent installations and commercial sound. Suitable for high-end installations, the CA8000DX offers a state-of-the-art built-in digital signal processor (DSP) module (model DLX24i) for extensive and comprehensive signal processing, including factory loudspeaker presets, turning the amplifier into a complete audio solution. The DSP module is PC remote controlled using intuitive System Control Manager software—the same software used on the standalone, rack-mountable Apogee DLX24 digital loudspeaker controller.

These CA-series amplifiers use the latest in amplifier technology. They are designed to provide unparalleled sonic quality, exceptional reliability, and reduced heat output, all at a great value. Both the CA8000D and CA8000DX are 2-ohm stable and can drive 70-volt lines directly. Both models are only two rack units in height, and feature front-panel level controls with tamper-resistant covers to avoid any unwanted altering or inadvertent adjustment. Fully featured, the CA-series amplifiers offer balanced inputs and four-pole speaker twist connector outputs.

Bogen will also show the DRZ120, a unique, self-contained six-zone music and paging system for small- to medium-sized applications. It combines a digital AM/FM tuner with mic, line, and aux inputs. It has a 120-watt amplifier capable of driving four 16-ohm speaker systems, as well as 70-volt distributed systems.

The DRZ120 permits connection of up to six individually volume-controlled paging zones. The DRZ120 also features bass and treble controls with a five-segment LED output meter. The built-in tuner uses a PLL synthesizer to provide accurate frequency selection. The MIC1 input can be set for VOX-activated muting of the other audio inputs. The unit’s microphone input accepts a balanced Lo-Z microphone with selectable phantom power. Various input connections are available: XLR, TRS, RCA, USB drive, secure digital card, and EuroBlock screw terminals.

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