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Spectra's i.Net System to Be Introduced At InfoComm

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In addition to the Spectra i.Net System’s capabilities for paging which includes all call page and 99 programmable zones, Point Z technology allows each of the four channels on the system’s sound source to be assigned and included in up to eleven separate paging zones – all call plus 10 client determined and programmed zones. Each plenum OP creates four separate channels (A, B, C & D) that produce four independent noise sources for masking, paging and music. Each channel then supports 1-8 speakers. This amazing upgrade enables each OP to provide a total of 44 overlapping zones and insures that a quality, clear page can be customized and delivered to the client’s specific requirements. All existing Spectra i.Net Systems can be upgraded to have this feature.

Previous systems could provide two overlaps (all call and one programmable zone) per channel for paging. With the addition of Point Z technology, there are endless zoning permutations that can be programmed for paging, music, and masking. For example: clients can now program and set the system to have a paging zone for all open office areas throughout the entire building, plus further drill down and create a zone for all open office areas on only the odd floors, all open areas on only the even floors, and all open areas on odd and even floors on only the north side of the facility.


Xantech Smartpanel LCD Touchpanels To Be Introduced

Xantech Commercial expands its LCD touchpanel offerings as it unveils a complete series of touch-controller panels, featuring IP connectivity and video integration. Xantech SmartPanel LCD touchpanels all offer complete Room Control via RS422/232, IR, GPIO trigger and now IP for full control connectivity. With SmartPan

Bogen to Introduce New Products at InfoComm promo image

Bogen to Introduce New Products at InfoComm

Bogen will be introducing several new products at Infocomm 2016, including a full line of sound contractor-grade Class D-based paging and intercom amplifiers, a pair of new Apogee high-performance pro-audio amplifiers, and a state-of-the-art, self-contained, six-zone music and paging system.

Sennheiser Introduces ADN System

The ADN (Audio Distribution Network) is a wired, digital discussion system comprised of a central unit and two conference terminal options, one for the conference manager and the other for the participants. Special features include Sennheiser sound quality, sophisticated design, an intuitive user interface and a fully