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Premier Mounts Ships Compact Power Amplifier

  • Premier Mounts is now shipping the CPA-50, a 50 Watt compact power amplifier, as a standalone product. This amazing little audio amplifier is everything integrators have been asking for in an amplifier to deliver high quality audio in classrooms and small systems. The energy-efficient CPA-50 has sufficient power to achieve acceptable sound pressure levels in many environments.
  • Three stereo inputs and a discrete microphone input with mixer, along with separate line and microphone gain adjustments, make it perfect for connecting to a projector, wireless microphone receiver, and other sound sources. The amplifier also features a control port for an optional external volume control box, the WP-50, which can be located up to 100 feet away from the CPA-50.
  • The energy-efficient CPA-50 consumes little power and automatically goes into standby mode if no input signal is detected for 20 minutes, dropping power consumption to 0.8 W. The amp also produces less heat than most other amps with similar specifications, making it ideal for installations where ventilation and heat accumulation are a concern.
  • The CPA-50 is also sold as an audio kit with speakers (UNI-AUDIO), an audio system with GearBox (UNI-GB+AUDIO), and as part of the UNI series of short-throw projector arm mounts (UNI-STA+AUDIO, UNI-EXT+AUDIO and UNI-DS+AUDIO).
  • The UNI series of mounts with audio are some of the newest Premier Mounts products introduced at InfoComm 2010 and are the first in the marketplace to integrate a powerful audio system, including the CPA-50and 100 Watt RMS two-way speakers with 5.25-inch woofers and directional 1-inch tweeters. Each mount incorporates a patent-pending GearBox in its base plate to safely enclose not only the amplifier and its power supply, but also third-party streaming media players, network adapters and other AV components. Lock-It security screws protect the mount and GearBox from theft. The mount can be installed on any surface due to an array of mounting slots at the top and bottom of the base wall unit.