Texas Digital Installs Digital Signage With One of Washington’s Oldest Theatre Companies

COLLEGE STATION, TX--Texas Digital Systems is proud to announce that its VitalCAST Digital Signage installation at The Majestic theatre in Yakima, Washington, has just been completed. The Majestic is owned by Yakima Theatres, one of the oldest and family owned theatre companies in Washington and the United States. Yakima Theatres chose Texas Digital’s VitalCAST solution to showcase its concessions, box office and auditoriums in a more professional, visually appealing format. “Digital signage gives you more options.

  • It’s easier to change, and it’s got more ‘pow’ to it than some of the static signage,” said Jeneanne Siekawitch, Yakima Theatres’ marketing and advertising director. The Majestic’s installation included four 42-inch LCD screens in the concessions area, two 42-inch screens in the box office, two 52-inch screens in the lobby as directionals, and one 22-inch LCD at the entrance of each theatre for all 10 screens. Powered by VitalCAST software, these screens can now feature digital menu boards, movie posters and trailers, and movie title and show time information automatically relayed from their point-of-sale ticketing system. Additionally, all screens can be updated on-site with no downtime.

“The biggest things that drew me to VitalCAST are the capabilities that the system has,” said Stephen Mercy, vice president of Yakima Theatres. “It basically allows us to do whatever we wish – take content from Texas Digital or get it from somewhere else. We enjoy the flexibility.” Yakima Theatres General Manager Dale Carpenter is excited about the implementation of digital signage.

“Obviously it looks attractive. When people look at something that’s easy on the eyes, they tend to look at it longer,” he said. By featuring concessions products and movie offerings on digital screens with eyecatching videos and imagery, Yakima Theatres hopes to promote interest and remind people of what they’re selling.

“VitalCAST is an excellent solution for an independent theatre chain like Yakima Theatres because it allows for quick and complete control of their theatre’s total signage by their existing in-house personnel – there is no need for an IT staff in order to manage the system,” said Dennis Davidson, president and CEO of Texas Digital.

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