New Products August 2009 -

New Products August 2009

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B&C HCX Coaxial Loudspeakers
B&C Speakers’ HCX series coaxial loudspeakers include the 12HCX76 and 15HCX76 models. The HCX series features a top-of-category 3-inch voice-coil woofer, mated with a top-of-category 1.4-inch exit high frequency driver mounted on a newly designed 60-degree x 40-degree elliptical horn. The HCX series offers an all-in-one solution. While high power handling, high sensitivity, low distortion, and HF pattern control are a given, the HCX models still sound natural. Manageable frequency overlaps in the mid-band make crossover design a simple, but also offer the flexibility for designers to tune enclosures to their taste or application.

QSC Q-Sys Technology

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QSC’s Q-Sys technology provides digital audio signal routing and processing combined with complete system monitoring and control. Since Q-Sys revolves around a centralized processing architecture, having all processing taking place in a single unit provides audio designers with greater flexibility. Any input can be routed to any output without the need for creating convoluted signal paths.

Crestron HD Switchers

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Crestron’s HD-MD8x1 and HD-MD8x2 HDMI switchers handle every HDTV format specified in HDMI 1.3a; support computer resolutions up to 1920x1200, and are compatible with DVI and DisplayPort multimode computer signals. The Crestron switchers solve the problems currently associated with the latest HD video systems and devices, such as HDCP content protection, EDID resolution management, and CEC device control. Built-in software tools ensure quick installation. Crestron HDMI switchers feature DM Tools, a powerful setup and diagnostic software program that graphically displays the flow of all signals and data on a connected computer screen, optimizing system performance and enabling installers to efficiently deliver a reliable HDMI system.

NEC MultiSync LCD Displays
NEC’s MultiSync Professional Series features the 40-inch P401 and 46-inch P461 professional-grade LCD displays. These large-format displays are ideal for quickservice restaurants, airports, public information, healthcare, and retail environments. With industrial-strength design, a thin bezel and up to double the contrast ratio of the previous MultiSync 20 Series, the MultiSync Professional Series provides all the features required for demanding 24/7 operations. Its Ethernet control and communication technology provides the highest level of remote display management, including automated email notification for diagnostic purposes. The P401 and P461 are the first commercial large-format displays to offer DisplayPort, which allows for maximum compatibility and flexibility during product implementation.

Aurora Multimedia Now Shipping V-Tune Pro HD
Aurora Multimedia is now shipping the V-Tune Pro HD, the latest in the company’s long history of high-performance TV tuners. The new V-Tune Pro HD delivers a total tuning solution for any integrated system, whether it requires legacy NTSC tuning or ATSC/QAM capability.

dnp Supernova Panorama Screen

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dnp’s Supernova Panorama Screen features high-contrast filters that absorb ambient light and provide clear images even in brightly lit surroundings. Manufactured in one piece, it is the ideal screen for edge blending with multiple projectors. The contrast of the screen allows the user to see the content of the screen in detail, and, because of its minimal installation depth, it offers a significant space advantage. The dnp Supernova Panorama Screen is made up of seven high-tech layers.

Production Plus Stage Rover

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The Production Plus Stage Rover is a multipurpose wireless controlled effects platform for use in corporate, theater, advertising, and stage performance. It is self-contained, self-propelled, and supports a wide variety of retrofit attachments depending upon the desired effect. The Rover can be used as a rolling billboard fitted with two-tofour plasma screens complete with audio if needed. The Rover can be used for product reveals. The top surface can be utilized as a speed controlled turntable capable of supporting up to 1000 pounds The Rover can be used as a moving stage fitted with an 8- x 8-foot deck complete with lectern and microphones.

ELK Speaker/Mic Combo

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The ELK M1TWSF flush mount speaker/microphone combo is designed for two-way listen-in systems. The compact, single-gang design allows the unit to go virtually unnoticed and works well with Elk Products two-way listen-in amplified interface, Elk-M1TWA, and nonamplified interfaces, Elk-M1TWI and Elk-M1EZ8TWI, as well as interfaces by other manufacturers.


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New Products : December 2009

Hosa Da-Cappo DA15 Cardioid Earset Microphone Hosa Technology, distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones, is introducing the Da-Cappo DA15 cardioid earset microphone with earbud mon

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New Products : November 2009

SHORT-THROW DIGITAL PROJECTORS Vivitek Corporation has added two new short-throw digital projectors to its product line-up, the D520ST and D525ST. Designed for smaller settings, the Vivitek D520ST and D525ST provide large projected images. The Vivitek D520ST and

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New Products January 2009

LCD PROJECTOR Sanyo introduces the PLV Z3000, a 120 Hz full HD 1080p LCD projector that features Sanyo's 3D color management system, a high contrast ratio of 65,000 1, an advanced lens shifting function, and a quiet fan system. Replacing

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New Products March 2009

WIRELESS TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER Altinex introduces the CP451 008 wireless touchscreen controller. Ideal for many applications, including multimedia control systems, general computing, and real time data terminals, the CP451 008 runs an embedded Windows XP operating system and accurately senses touch