Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing Debuts -

Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing Debuts

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Mechtronics Corporation is helping Johnson Outdoors Watercraft products to capture much consumer attention by creating an innovative display that makes the product the star and highly accessible to consumers. The Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing System has debuted in sporting good stores such as Sports Authority, Modell’s and independent water craft sports retailers.

The display showcases Johnson Outdoors Watercraft products including Lendel paddles, a high-end boating accessory that sells for more than $600 per set, Extrasports life preservers, and Carlisle kayaking paddles. The program captures the fundamentals of each of the three different brands distinctly. Johnson Outdoors is a growing family of leading active outdoor and lifestyle brands, which was founded in the 1970’s and is now synonymous with great outdoor adventure.

“The design of The Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing System separates the product lines into distinct areas, each playing off the various brands graphic messaging and look,” said Keith Arndt, vice president of creative, Mechtronics. “The design reflects the overall graphic redesign and positioning of the brands recently undertaken by Johnson Outdoors.”

The Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing System separates the product lines into distinct areas, each playing off the various brands graphic messaging and look. A common theme of water droplets serves as a universal background for thematic continuity with the lifejackets and outerwear, while a carbon fiber background, playing off the strength of the paddles, was used for the paddle products. A billboard was designed at the top of the display to draw consumer attention to the Extrasport collection of watercraft products.

The Johnson Outdoors Watercraft In-Store Fixturing System‘s modularity allows retailers to use the unit either as a wall display, H frame or a freestanding pinwheel configuration on wheels. This innovative design approach was a breakthrough in gaining maximum penetration amongst a group of varied retail clients.

“The program captures the brand essence of adventure and outdoor excitement in a solution that delivers long term value and retail viability for a wide variety of formats and targeted consumers,” said Mechtronics’ Arndt.

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