Most Innovative Commercial Systems Installation Accessory

Most Innovative Commercial Systems Installation Accessory
  • Extron Ps Series Power Supplies With Zipclip

The PS Series is a new line of Extron- designed and manufactured Energy Star Qualified power supplies. While most manufacturers purchase off-the-shelf power supplies, which can be subject to variations in quality and reliability, we designed our own, ensuring Extron quality throughout. The highly efficient power supplies draw less than one watt under no-load conditions, and are more than twice as efficient when actively transmitting power. This efficiency helps reduce operating costs and meet green building requirements. In addition, heat generation is significantly reduced, which greatly adds to the power supply’s lifespan. With an MTBF of 400,000 hours—that’s 45 years— these new power supplies are built to last ten times longer than previous models. A longer lifespan also means lower maintenance costs and fewer discarded power supplies over the long run.

While developing the PS Series, we also realized there was an opportunity to improve the way external power supplies are installed. The PS Series have a compact footprint that requires minimal space. The one-eighth rack width enclosure can be rack mounted when used with an Extron basic or universal rack shelf kit. Channels in the body of the unique enclosure allow the power supply to be securely mounted with wire ties to cylindrical structures, such as projector poles, table legs, and other oddshaped structures.

Another installation-friendly feature of the PS Series Power Supplies is the included ZipClip, which is a unique system for quickly and securely mounting the power supplies in a variety of locations. The compact ZipClip can be mounted to rack rails, tables, shelves, and lecterns, and the power supply is securely locked into the ZipClip with a simple “click”. A quick release tab makes installation and removal of the ZipClip even easier. Wire tie slots in the ZipClip enable proper strain relief and dressing of excess cable.

PS Series Power Supplies are available in the most popular voltages used by Extron products, including 9, 12, and 15 VDC.

■ Energy Star® qualified power supplies for low power consumption and reduced operating costs
■ Extron designed and engineered for increased durability and reliability with an MTBF of 400,000 hours
■ LED indicates that the power supply is active
■ Rack mountable—power supplies mount directly to Extron basic and universal rack shelf products
■ Patent Pending enclosure and Zip- Clip™ mounting bracket
■ Mounts securely on a variety of surfaces, including rack rails, tables, lecterns, projector poles, and table legs
■ Compact footprint requires little desktop or rack space
■ CE and UL listed
■ 9, 12, and 15 VDC versions available

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