HK Audio in the U.S.

Now shipping for the first time in the U.S., HK Audio is offering its Elements modular sound reinforcement, which merges modern line array technology with the portability of ultra-compact P.A. systems. Elements enables users to put together a system suitable for every situation using six components. The system can be configured to support anything from an intimate speaking engagement to a multi-instrumental concert with a full 3600 Watts of Front of House power.

With E-Connect, HK’s proprietary integrated signal routing system, all Elements setups are performance-ready in within minutes and with a minimum of cabling. Every configuration fits into a compact car.

The Elements system consists of the following components:

E435: The mid/high unit is made from extruded aluminum, is strictly based on line array technology, and provides an even sound field. It houses four 3.5” broadband speakers, and weights 5.2 lbs. The E435 also connects with other modules.

EA600: The Class D power amp puts out 600 Watts, enough for four mid/high units or one passive sub and two additional mid/high units and weighs 6.1 lbs.

E45: This stand is equipped with extendable feet, serving as a solid base for mid/high units, amp modules or the mounting pole.

E110 SubA: This portable 10" subwoofer weighs 41.9 lbs. and delivers a precise low end. The digital Class D power amp provides 600 watts, enough to feed another passive subwoofer or two more mid/high units. Equipped with two E-Connect sockets, the E110 SubA also serves as a base for additional elements.

E110 Sub: This passive sub is used for applications requiring more low-end. It is powered by an active E110 or an amp module. To accommodate auxiliary elements, this sub is also equipped with an E-Connect socket.

EP1: The mounting pole facilitates rigging up smaller Elements setups. It is continuously adjustable and provides cordless signal routing to the mid/high units.

Three models of protective bags are available. One model holds four mid/high units or amp modules and a mounting pole, another fits one stand, and a third fits one subwoofer.

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