ADAM Audio Extends Monitor, Subwoofer Bundle Program

ADAM Audio Extends Monitor, Subwoofer Bundle Program

The A8XSub15 line from ADAM AudioAfter the success of its 2.1 Bundle Program, ADAM Audio has extended the program, in which sets of ADAM monitors are available as a special bundle with matched ADAM subwoofers at exclusive package pricing. Additionally, in response to the creative needs of their wide variety of clients, from small studios to large facilities, 12 additional bundles of matched monitors and subs from the AX and SX line have been added to the program, which include 2.2, as well as 5.1 and 5.2 surround packages available at special pricing.

“Monitors are one of the most important components of a recording studio—every decision that you make is based upon the sounds coming out of your chosen monitors,” said Dave Hetrick, president of ADAM Audio USA. “Our Bundle Program is an expression of how ADAM Audio is continually dedicated to providing our customers with the very best options for full range monitoring systems, no matter the size and shape of your room.”

The 2.1 program, which originally featured five different ADAM monitor pairs with a subwoofer, the A3XSub7, A5XSub8, A7XSub10, A8XSub12, and A77XSub15, has been extended to include additional 2.2, 5.1, and 5.2 matched bundles of monitors and subwoofers. The new program features four additional 5.1 surround bundles in the AX line, including: (5)A3X(1)Sub8, (5)A5X(1)Sub10, (5)A7X(1)Sub12, and (5)A8X(1)Sub15. Eight new bundles have also been added from ADAM’s SX line, including 2.2 bundles of (2)S1X(2)Sub10, (2)S2X(2)Sub10, (2)S3X-V(2)Sub12, (2)S3X-H(2)Sub15, and the 5.1 and 5.2 Surround bundles: (5)S1X(1)Sub12, (5)S2X(1)Sub15, (4)S3X-V(1)S3X-H(2)Sub15, and (4)S4X-V(1)S4X-H(1)Sub2100.

ADAM Audio launched the bundle program earlier this year based on customer feedback, and recognizing the essential need for them to have systems that combine precision studio monitors with the lower bass that they need in a high-performance subwoofer. In offering these monitors and subs together as a bundle, ADAM Audio has done the work of matching the monitors and subs together for optimized performance as a package.

“We are overwhelmed by the great reception to our Bundle Program and we are excited to offer additional series of matched monitor and subwoofer packages that are designed to meet our customers’ needs for any level of creative work—from boutique project studios to major recording, production, and broadcast facilities,” Hetrick said. “Now everyone can have a complete ADAM matched monitor and sub bundle which combines the ultimate precision and power into one great package.”

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