AMX Showroom Takes Flight

AMX Showroom Takes Flight
  • The new AMX East showroom provides a live example of AMX technology at work, with five separate control systems and one redundant control system driving almost 300 third-party products from manufacturer partners. NEW YORK, NY-AMX has established a practice of designing its numerous meeting and training facilities around the philosophy of great innovators, naming the central meeting room after a thinker who changed the course of design and technology. The surrounding space is then themed around the ideals of that innovator. Appropriately enough, as visitors gaze out the 24th-story windows of the new AMX East showroom in Times Square, they are surrounded with images and quotations from the Wright brothers, those conquerors of the sky.
  • The new showroom occupies an entire floor of the Bush Tower on 42nd Street in Manhattan, and it isn't merely the aesthetics that are meaningfully integrated. The entire space is a live example of AMX technology at work, with five separate control systems and one redundant control system driving almost 300 third-party products from manufacturer partners.
  • The Times Square product showroom will make it convenient for AV consultants and integrators to provide their clients with real-world examples of AMX control technology and the capabilities of its relatively recently acquired divisions, AutoPatch, Endeleo, Solecis Signal Management Solutions, and Inspired Digital Signage. Several touchpanels are scattered throughout the space, encouraging visitors and their guides to operate motorized shades, lighting, music, and video systems.

But beyond the showroom itself, there is also a complete training facility for AMX University and a chic conference room which provide a glimpse at the many AMX InConcert and Device Discovery partners, including Brivo Systems, Biamp, Da-Lite, Lutron, NEC, projectiondesign, and Tandberg, among others. In total, the showroom includes more than three miles of network, AV, and fiber cabling.

Reservations for use of any of the showroom's facilities can be made in advance, and a full kitchen allows for catered "lunch and learn" sessions or other receptions. Since its opening in early April, the space has already been booked for several technology-illuminating meetings which have greatly reduced the "intimidation factor" for potential end-users. "It's been fantastic already," observed Jeff Kindig, vice president of marketing strategy for AMX. "The appointments that our sales people are bringing in have been a great success, and dealers are using the space already."

Looking ahead to the "green" design considerations that will be at the forefront of architects and designers who visit the space, the showroom's sub-systems, such as the IT and phone networks, as well as lighting, motorized shading, security, HVAC, and music systems, are fully integrated with AMX's Resource Management Suite (RMS) to demonstrate real-time equipment monitoring and energy management.

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