Waikiki Shopping Plaza

Pacific Digital Signs, a full-service digital signage and kiosk solution company, recently built the largest known LCD video wall in Hawaii at the multi-level Waikiki Shopping Plaza (WSP). Replacing an aging rear-projection video wall, the new installation, featuring multiple Samsung 460UX-2 1080P LCD displays, offers real-time information and stateof- the-art interactivity to the mall’s more than 2 million yearly visitors.

This new video installation provides WSP shoppers with the very latest in video display experiences, featuring entertainment, advertising, interactive contests and promotions, emergency information, live video, and Blu-ray DVD content, in addition to very popular Guitar Hero contests and Wii tournaments.


The new video wall was built using 20 Samsung 460UX-2 1080P LCD displays, replacing 10 rear-projection cube displays. Since these new LCD displays take up a fraction of the space of the rear-projection cubes, all 20 units, along with the re-designed support structures used to house them, fit comfortably in the existing enclosure.

Displaying HD content simultaneously to 20 LCD displays presented some additional challenges when compared to smaller video wall deployments, which can more easily daisy-chain the video signal to the next display. High frame-rate video content can result in delays in the video signal between the first and last display, especially in such a large installation. To account for this issue, an 8x1 HDMI video switcher and 2 x HDMI distribution amps were added to provide a full HD signal directly to each display.


A Windows PC running various software packages provides the primary video input, which allows for real-time data such as headline news, weather, sports, stocks, and emergency messaging, as well as programmed content that offers a valuable mix of content for both locals and tourists.

For maximum visibility and dramatic effect, the video centerpiece is suspended approximately 30 feet above the food court seating area and is wired to accept inputs from multiple AV devices.


The WSP was able to immediately start selling ad space after the new video wall was completed in February 2010 and has enjoyed an increase in attendance for onsite events that were promoted through the displays. It has allowed the WSP to add interactive promotions to their events and has helped to dramatically increase traffic to the upper levels of this five-story mall.

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