Road to infoComm: Q&A with Paul Mueller

Road to infoComm: Q&A with Paul Mueller

SCN sat down with integrators and consultants to learn a bit about their InfoComm show priorities: what they want to see, what they hope to achieve, what they think will steal the show, and so on. Today's perspective comes from Paul Mueller of AVI Systems.

What is your number 1 priority (or top priorities) at InfoComm this year?

This year I will be focusing the beginning of the week on gaining CU’s to maintain my CTS-D. During the show I will be focused on strategic customer relations to assist sales with partner relationships.

What do you see as the top areas/categories to focus on for training, whether you are participating or recommending for others.

My top area for training is to develop my management skills for the AV technician. It seems the current workforce needs leadership in both technical and customer relations so they can support the project cycle.

What technological trends will you be on the lookout for most?

This year I think there will be continued focus on the “meet anywhere” concept. BYOD is now reaching some maturity within the enterprise so its usage needs to fit the company’s security model yet still be open to external connections.

What business or vertical market trends will you be pursuing most?

I will continue to follow the UC trends, but with the addition of streaming and recording to multiply the value of the original meeting.

What specific product categories or service solutions are you most interested in seeing or hearing about?

Ancillary equipment for the room to support the communication platform. Even though most platforms are designed for the individual user, the reality is that humans still need to meet in groups, both large and small. A solution designed for the laptop won’t support the group meeting so room solutions are necessary to address this need.