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Celebrating LG’s New Business Innovation Center

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Officials from LG's Chicago Headquarters cut the ribbon during the grand opening of its new Chicago Business Innovation Center

Customer satisfaction is always the first step in building a better product. At least that was my takeaway after visiting LG’s new Business Innovation Center outside of Chicago, IL, which was created to provide its customer network with a one-stop shop for digital signage solutions.

LG’s Chicago Business Innovation Center is one of nine worldwide sites the company will open within the next few years (its Atlanta location opened late last year, and more are scheduled to open in cities including London, São Paolo, Moscow, and more). The idea to build these innovation centers, explained John Taylor, LG’s VP of public affairs and communications, was to provide business owners with the chance to experience LG’s latest technology in a real-world setting. It was a concept that was created with the customer in mind—provide them with an interactive and engaging showroom that would allow them to visualize what solutions are best for their business. And in turn, conversations that LG’s specialists have with their customers will lead to new products in the future.

“The Innovation Center is a living, breathing organism that will continue to evolve and update,” Taylor said. He explained that the setup we saw at the grand opening would change regularly as new products are designed.

Location was also key for the center: with LG’s Chicago headquarters just minutes down the road, building the center in Lincolnshire gives customers from all over the U.S. a chance to visit and experience the latest technologies and speak with company experts, all in a centralized location. Its proximity to Chicago’s O’Hare airport and the city’s downtown also makes it easy for customers to dedicate the time they need to their visit to find the best solutions for their projects.

On February 3, LG held its grand opening for the Business Innovation Center, with a complete tour of the solutions on display. New to LG’s lineup is the 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage 86BH5C commercial display, a 4K-capable display that shows content through four inputs and also doubles as an aesthetic décor for any environment—ideal for airports, art galleries, subways, and more.

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 New to LG's digital signage line up is the 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage 86BH5C commercial display, a 4K-capable display that shows content through four inputs and also doubles as an aesthetic decor for any environment—ideal for airports, art galleries, subways, and more.

Entering the facility, we were greeted by an 84-inch menu board solution, showing visitors the environmental versatility of LG’s products (while the rain from the previous day had passed, our visit was met with some lingering heavy winds and cold temperatures). The main lobby had the Ultra Stretch front and center, and a new LG concept called the “Art Wall” behind the desk.

For me, LG’s “Art Wall” was most compelling. Fine art and museums have always been a passion of mine, and because I frequently visit museums, I’m no stranger to pieces on loan. Speaking with their customers, LG wanted to use digital signage to show paintings that are out on loan in a high-resolution, 4K format, so visitors can still see what the painting would look like in the museum. It may not be exactly the same as seeing the real thing, but at least the high-res replica would give visitors a chance to examine the details of the missing piece.

Retail and food service displays were two other areas that caught my eye during the grand opening—LG’s largest 4K UHD digital signage display, the 98-inch 98LS95A, and the new Direct LED Video Wall VH7B, are just two solutions that you can experience up close to see the clarity of the resolution, and how these products can help your business.

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 LG's "Art Wall" gives museums a chance to still showcase artwork that may be on loan to other museums.

“The Business Innovation Center exemplifies LG’s commitment to ‘innovation for a better business’ in the U.S. commercial market,” said William Cho, president and CEO, LG Electronics USA. “In addition to showcasing LG’s extensive portfolio of innovative solutions across various vertical markets—including the all-new Ultra Stretch Signage display— this center will provide the ideal venue in the heartland of America for LG to hold training sessions and executive briefings for current and future customers, further expanding our B2B footprint in the U.S.”

To read more on the grand opening of LG’s Business Innovation Center, click here.


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