MOOCs and the Future of Technology in the Classroom -

MOOCs and the Future of Technology in the Classroom

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In the trade press, we often get obsessed with the technology itself, and lose sight of the bigger issues that drive not just technology but how our society is evolving.

Why do the politics of academia concern the technology community? Because universities are entering a very challenging, stressful period where forces trying to either protect or reshape the classroom and indeed the college experience are battling it out. And behind the headlines about budgets and board vs faculty control of the university is the burning question of how much technology should be brought into the classroom, how fast–indeed whether the classroom needs to be a brick-and-mortar room at all

The case of the firing and then rapid re-hiring of University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan–and Sullivan’s epic battles with rector Helen E. Dragas over the pace of change, including "MOOCs" (massive online open courses), is at the heart of this drama. Nothing less than the role of tech tools in the university experience is being played out–on a national stage.

This New York Times article sums up the anxiety on campuses throughout the country:


A Hands-On Perspective of Teaching MOOCs

Some higher-ed technology managers are skeptical about massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) as an opportunity to drive revenue and educate students. But for now, one thing is clear: Enough faculty are teaching MOOCs that tech managers need to support them.

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Designing a Practical Classroom Collaboration System

Let's be practical. There are a lot of great collaboration solutions out there, but many higher-ed institutions don't necessarily have the budget or immediate desire. For this, I will classify classroom collaboration into three categories: instructor centric, instructor centric with student interaction, and student centric.

The Uncertain Future of 3D Technology

It’s hard to believe that the first ever color 3D movie was released nearly 60 years ago. Since then, every decade or so, 3D movies are reintroduced with more impressive, technological effects, but the technology and trend never seemed to catch on. Now it’s common to have several 3D movie offerings in a theater at one time and many older movies are being rereleased in 3D.

Training Teachers on Technology

No BYOD initiative will serve students in the classroom if faculty aren't savvy with mobile learning technology. The University of Central Florida recognizes that training educators is key, so they are offering ongoing mobile tech courses.