It’s no secret that we’re pretty proud here at SCN to compile the Top 50 Systems Integrators list each December. Part of the reason for that is that we’ve been doing it now for over 10 years, and it continues to be an important bellwether of the commercial audiovisual industry, beyond simply who is on it where and for how much. There’s so much reading between the lines to amass in this data goldmine.

And it’s precisely that rich trove of numbers that led us, for the first time, to dig into the nuances of the Top 50 over the past decade. It was a fun project, and we’ve really just scratched the surface of all there is to learn from exploring this history.

Looking back at 2006, about 20 integrators remain on the list 10 years later. Looking at the top 10 in 2006, six remain in the top 10 today. Two of those became one with the 2008 merger of AVI and SPL, effectively securing the top position on the list every year. One stopped submitting, yet by all accounts still successfully exists, and just one of those filed for bankruptcy, in early 2012. There is one newcomer to the list this year that made the top 10. Of the companies occupying the positions 30-50 in 2006, just one remains on the list today. In general, there has been a rotating cast of characters when it comes to the second half of the list. 

Mergers and acquisitions are evident throughout the chart these past 10 years. This year’s list reflects that most significantly with Digital Networks Group’s acquisition by Avidex and Technical Innovations’ sale to Diversified.

From a commercial installation projected revenue perspective, the determining ranking figure, the list peaked around $130 million in 2006, cutting off at just over $4 million. Today, that number just tops $600 million, running down to $18 million. Combined, projected revenue from commercial installation of the Top 50 2016 comes out around $3.82 billion.

If there’s one thing you take away from the SCN Top 50 list, let it be the fact that there is a wealth of opportunity; ensuring integrators both large and small can secure a slice of the pie.

As always, Top 50 submissions are voluntary. The chart ranks those willing to share their internal numbers to establish an industry snapshot. While the bottom line is important, the Top 50 is just one way to view an industry where success is determined by more than mere numbers. There’s much left to learn, and we look forward to continuing to explore the inner workings of this business throughout the year. 

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Commentary from top systems integrators:
Market Forecast
2016 Challenges
Managed Services 

Interesting Installations by Top 50 Firms 

2. Diversified
3. Whitlock
4. AVI Systems
5. CCS Presentation Systems
6. HB Communications
7. Avidex Industries
8. Ford Audio-Video
9. Solutionz Conferencing
10. Electrosonic
11. Yorktel
12. IVCi
13. Video Corporation of America
14. Tritech Communications
15. CompView
16. Communications Engineering (CEI)
17. Anderson Audio Visual
18. Solotech
19. Washington Professional Systems
20. Alpha Video & Audio, Inc.
21. Corbett Technology Solutions
22. SoundCom Systems
23. Adtech Systems
24. Unified AV Systems
25. Carousel Industries
26. Spinitar
27. Parsons Technologies
28. Red Thread Spaces
29. Verrex
30. Sensory Technologies
31. Sharp’s Audio Visual
32. Advanced AV
33. Data Projections
34. Spectra Audio Video Design Group
35. Tierney Brothers
36. Level 3 Audio Visual
37. Communications Engineering Company (CEC)
38. IES Commercial
39. USIS Audiovisual Systems
40. ProMotion Technology Group
41. Sound Image
42. Vistacom Inc.
43. Audio Visual Design Group
44. Vision Technologies, Inc.
45. Presentation Products, Inc.
46. Constant Technologies, Inc.
48. Genesis Integration
49. Total Video Products, Inc.
50. Interactive Digital Solutions