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Wroclaw, Poland's "Spanish Night with Carmen - Zarzuela Show” Features d3 Media Server Support

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Wroclaw, Poland continues to celebrate its role as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2016 with "Spanish Night with Carmen - Zarzuela Show" at the Wroclaw Stadium. The spectacle featured fragments of Bizet's iconic opera "Carmen" presented in the tradition of the Spanish popular opera.

Zarzuela involves both spoken and sung scenes as well as dance. "Carmen" was performed by about 500 artists, including an orchestra, ballet, choir and Wroclaw Opera soloists plus vocal and dance groups from other parts of Poland. Andalusian horses were also part of the production accompanied by flamenco music.

Multimedia producer VES provided a d3 4x4pro with DVI VFC cards for the large-scale show. The scenic design required video mapping to display changing landscapes on an 80-meter central screen - a task ideally suited to d3. The imagery represented the bullring and Seville by night, as well as other locations.

The d3 system fed the scenic imagery to nine projectors furnished by VES. Christie Boxer 2k30, Christie Roadie HD+30K and Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors mapped the landscapes onto the big screen.

"The biggest advantage d3 had to offer for this production was its flexibility," says Krzysztof Grabowski from d3 partner Prolight, who served as the on-site d3 programmer and operator. "The 3D model was changing all the time, but d3's feed cutting and endless warp and blend capabilities allowed us to perfectly align the projectors and build pixel maps. The ability to connect graphic designer Piotr Maruszak to the d3 system so he could make revisions during rehearsals was very helpful. He enjoyed the chance to replace revised graphics by himself."

Some 25,000 spectators filled the stadium where they were transported to Old Spain for the evening by the magic of the multimedia production.

Waldemar Zawodzinski directed "Carmen" for the Wroclaw Opera; Ignacio Garcia directed the zarzuela. Bogumil Palewicz was the lighting and multimedia director. TSE Group managed lighting setup. VES technical manager was Artur Olszewski. 

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