WorldStage’s LED Video Inventory Grows with Customized ROE CB5 Screens and ROE Strip Lights -

WorldStage’s LED Video Inventory Grows with Customized ROE CB5 Screens and ROE Strip Lights

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WorldStage recently expanded its large inventory of LED video solutions with the acquisition of customized ROE CB5 LED panels and ROE Strip LEDs to give customers new creative options.Thanks to strong customer interest, these have already been successfully deployed as main screens for general sessions and VIP breakout rooms as well as creative accents to innovative scenic designs.

“LED is becoming the preferred design element for large visual displays,” notes Gary Standard, President & CEO of WorldStage. “They offer a different look and ultimate flexibility in room and scenic design. We’ve been actively collaborating with manufacturers for several years on custom designs, which enables us to be on the leading-edge of LED technology just as we’ve been for 25 years in projection technology.”

ROE’s CB5 LED tiles are ultra-lightweight in a larger form factor measuringfour feet tall by two feet widewith a pixel count nearly three times larger than previous generation technology.�� Driven by advanced processing that delivers exceptional imagery, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications for displaying detailed, high contrast content.

 “Our customized CB5 tiles fill a critical gap in utilizing LED for corporate events where conventional tiles were too heavy and cumbersome to configure,” says Josh Perlman, Director of LED Services at WorldStage. “Our CB5 tiles have great resolution, can be used in any environment, and look very impressive on a large stage. At the same time we designed custom frames for these tiles so they would assemble far quicker. We’re seeing significant reductions in both the labor and time necessary for installation and strike, which has been very popular with our clients.”

WorldStage worked closely with ROE to customize its CB5 screens with an upgraded LED chip to increase the contrast ratio of the tiles. The company also worked with ROE to develop customized frames. In a scenic application, a new proprietary frame allows the CB5 tile to make right-angle corners with content extending seamlessly to every edge. For large walls, these larger tiles and carbon fiber frames use state of the art materials that reduce overall weight by 33 percent while also installing much faster.

The other addition to WorldStage’s LED inventory are the slim, lightweight ROE LED Strips that allow multiple applications for creative stage design. WorldStage has the 1.2, .6 and .3-meter LED Strip products in its national inventory. “We’re excited to have the LED Strips on hand, too,” says Perlman. “Customers are really excited to have the ability to design innovative and highly customized shapes that incorporate LED video mapping. Several clients have already incorporated them into stunning scenic pieces and one configured them in chevron shapes mounted on the ceiling that very effectively drew attention to the stage.”

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