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Dukane Announces Collaboration Table for K12 Huddle Spaces

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Dukane is proud to offer a new and unique collaboration solution for small huddle spaces in schools, universities and office spaces. The DCT6 Series Dukane Collaboration Table combines function with stability at an affordable price. The adjustable height legs make this a flexible table for any user. Casters and glides are included for easy movement. Braced legs add to superior stability and long-lasting durability. Built-in electric allows you to charge your devices. The included flat panel mount accommodates up to a 55" display. This unique combination of technology and furniture truly brings people together for greater collaboration and increased productivity. The DCT6 Series starts at $1,895 and includes nearly everything you need for a turnkey solution. Just add a display, choose your presentation method and you are ready to collaborate.

For more information visit our website at www.dukaneav.com

For more than fifty years, Dukane’s Audio Visual Products Division has provided schools around the world with technology solutions that helped increase student learning. With a network of trained professional dealers available to provide personal and localized sales support, Dukane is committed to meeting each customer’s particular needs.


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