Sanken Brings Back New CU-31 & CU-32 Compact Condenser Mics -
High Resolution, High Transient Response, High Input SPL

Sanken Chromatic Microphones is exhibiting at AES Booth #331 new CU-31 and CU-32 compact condenser microphones for professional recording. While both mics share identical specs, the CU-31 features an on-axis pickup pattern and the CU-32 has a perpendicular side-firing pattern. Longtime favorites throughout the recording industry, the CU-31 and CU-32 were discontinued in the USA, but by popular demand are now back in stock. 

Featuring a smooth cardioid polar pattern and 6dB higher sensitivity than conventional microphones, the mics accurately capture sound from quiet nuanced acoustic guitar to explosive percussion. The CU-31 and CU-32 are the newest models in the Sanken Chromatic series of professional mics, which includes the CO-100K supersonic wide-range omni-directional condenser mic and the CU-51 dual-capsule cardioid mic.

Delivering natural, uncolored sound, the on-axis CU-31 and side-firing CU-32 feature Sanken's original Push-Pull type capsule design, resulting in a marked increase in sensitivity. In addition to their high maximum SPL of 148dB at 1%THD, the mics offer a very flat frequency response from 20Hz to 18,000Hz.


At less than 5 inches in length, the CU-31 and CU-32 are small, lightweight microphones suitable for a wide variety of recording applications, including acoustic guitar, brass and woodwinds, chorus vocals, drums, strings, and sound effects. Unique to Sanken microphones, the mics house a light, durable, corrosion-free one-micron titanium diaphragm, ensuring the mic is immune to changes in temperature and humidity. MSRP: $995 Learn more at:


The Sanken Chromatic series of nine professional studio microphones provides musicians, sound designers, engineers and producers with the ultimate set of pure, transparent sounding mics for a wide variety of applications. Sanken microphones are designed and meticulously engineered in Japan using the latest technology and include many innovative features such as membranes impervious to humidity and temperature change. The result is a set of mics that have phenomenal frequency response, accurate off axis response, exact patterns, minimal proximity effect, low noise and high SPL tolerance.


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