PaintScaping Projection Maps Calvin Harris-Rihanna "This is What You Came For" Music Video with Support from Alcorn McBride -

PaintScaping Projection Maps Calvin Harris-Rihanna "This is What You Came For" Music Video with Support from Alcorn McBride

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LA-based PaintScaping brought its expertise in large-scale 3D projection mapping to the innovative new Calvin Harris and Rihanna music video, "This is What You Came For."

Partnering with content creator Baked FX, PaintScaping mapped a set piece in the shape of an open white cube with graphics and live-action imagery. Rihanna performs in the box, which is shown sitting on a soundstage. As she sings, the various faces of the cube display an array of changing facades such as abstract patterns, forest landscapes with falling leaves, a sunset, perspective grids, tunnels, mountains and lightning. The effect both expands the scope of the cube and encloses Rihanna within the box.

To accomplish the projection mapping PaintScaping CEO Philippe Bergeron used an 8-channel Alcorn McBride A/V Binloop HD player to feed seven Christie Digital 18K projectors. Projectors were dedicated to each face of the cube, including the front wall that closed off the box.

Bergeron is a long-time user of Alcorn McBride A/V Binloop HD players for projection mapping. "When there are multiple projectors and we need to synch content, Alcorn becomes a critical player," he says. "The challenge for this music video was not only the complex mapping of the cube - a tough aspect ratio for projection - but also delivering seamless renders of the content."

He notes that the A/V Binloop HD replaced a traditional media server on "This is What You Came For." "The Binloop is an enormously important player in the mapping world and a less expensive solution than a media server," he says. 

The A/V Binloop HD also made quick work of last-minute content changes. "Alcorn advised us how to generate content on set that played directly in Alcorn's MPEG4 format with no need for conversion. That saved us lots of time," Bergeron reports.

Bergeron frequently selects Alcorn McBride products for a diverse range of PaintScaping projects, including the 3D Holiday Light Show at Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and a fun-filled movie night at the Playboy Mansion. "The Binloop is rock solid when it comes to synching media files together," he notes. "I'm already planning to use them again on an upcoming job."

About Alcorn McBride:

Founded in 1986, Alcorn McBride is the leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, and a rapidly growing provider of audio and video systems for retail environments and transportation applications. Staffed by some of the industry's best engineers and backed by outstanding customer support, the company has demonstrated great agility in bringing new designs to market. A hallmark of Alcorn McBride products is their durable, zero maintenance design. The company's products provide consistent, reliable operation for audio and video playback applications worldwide. For more information, visit 


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