New Quebec Arena Among First to Install NEXO -

New Quebec Arena Among First to Install NEXO

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 Place Bell is a 10,000-seat arena located in Laval, Quebec. Officially opened on September 1, the venue is the culmination of a major development initiative to provide local residents with a multi-function complex used for sporting and musical events such as Cirque Du Soleil, Marvel Universe Life, The Scorpions, and The Killers. The arena will also be available for presentations and community activities including as the home to the Rocket De Laval professional hockey team.

Place Bell has installed one of the first NEXO line array systems in North America in a large arena. Installed by Montreal-based company TKNL, the new NEXO system contains 14 clusters, and each cluster is configured with three GEO S1210 line array boxes, two S1230s, 2 LS18s, four PS15 R2s that cover the ice rink/floor portion, and two STM M28s that serve as monitors for the national anthem, etc.

“It took approximately six months for the completion of the main PA, secondary PA, and all of the IP TV network,” said Stephane Laurin, business development manager at TKNL. “We determined that the NEXO system was the best solution for this venue. One of the key criteria in this project was intelligibility that is part of NEXO’s technical prowess. Like all arenas, we had to deal with concrete that causes reverb. So, we needed to install a large number of NEXO speakers in order to cover every section. This type of environment requires highly directive speakers solely focused on the listening experience for everyone attending events in the arena.”

Laurin said the NEXO system sounds great. “The uniformity of the sound is amazing regardless of where you are seated in the amphitheater. We are more than happy with both the products and the services received from NEXO and Yamaha on this project. To me, the sure sign of success is when everyone is happy with the final product. The entire team helped to make this install happen in order to provide seamless sound for the audience.”


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Christ the King Enhances Sound with NEXO

Buena Park, CA--Christ the King Church in Portland, Oregon recently completed an overhaul of its sound system, awarding the installation contract to Clarity Media Group of Portland. Clarity provided the best solution for the task at hand, outfitting the 1,500-seat church with a 20-box NEXO GEO S12 line array.

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Ohio State First to Install Meyer Sound LEO

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team finished an incredible undefeated regular season with a boost from its new Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system. In this first permanent LEO installation in the world, the sound system filled the vast 105,000-seat Ohio Stadium with crisp voice announcements and fan-pumping music over the loud, energetic crowd for all eight home games.