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Joey D’Angelo Returns to Consulting Business

Joey D’Angelo Returns to Consulting Business

After two years working for top AV industry manufacturers trying to do “sale-ish stuff,” but always learning, Joseph (Joey) D’Angelo has returned to consulting with the announcement of his new firm, Joseph D’Angelo and Associates (DNA); D’Angelo spoke exclusively with SCN about his latest venture.

Backed by D’Angelo’s 18 years and 550-plus projects as a consultant, DNA is already growing—the firm has several global clients and employees. The company, according to D’Angelo, aims to bring a new form of value to the consulting market, including fully detailed and accurate drawings, innovative system designs, in-house fabrication and testing, real integration experience, and a hard-to-match work ethic.

“This is what I am best at, and as a consultant, I will usher in a new era incorporating forward-thinking systems design, and one that actively breeds a new generation of high-performance consultants,” exclaimed D’Angelo, who was clearly excited about this career pivot.

Key elements of D’Angelo’s plan include:

• Utilizing a decentralized project engagement approach. “Everyone works from home, and everyone will be where they are needed.”
• Creating drawings and production are done in-house, by tiered management, to the same standard and highest level of detail and quality. “Nothing shall be conceptual, no detail omitted.”
• Creating a central conferencing, testing, and fabrication facility. “It’s in the works, and will be available for training, industry events, product testing, proof of concept work, fabrication, and bar or bat mitzvahs.”

“This isn’t for the faint of heart, we’re on a mission,” concluded D’Angelo. “We’re going to break down walls, and change traditions…the disco era is over and a new band is taking the stage.”