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Going Global: Important Considerations for Taking Your Business Abroad

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Quick Bio

Name: Chris Miller
Title: Executive Director
Company: Professional Systems Network International

If you were a business owner, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to run your organization. You would thoroughly vet the person, make sure that your goals align, know that they have a similar passion and knowledge for your industry, and ultimately, know how to run a successful organization with the ultimate customer service and support. Handing over your business and customers to anyone who does not share the same ideologies and methods, insights, and passion would be a risky proposition.

When Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) was founded in 1986, four separate business owners came together to discuss the industry, business challenges, and strengths. They came together to learn from one another and to help each other to succeed. In time, this ultimately led to a larger partnership of some of the best AV/ IT integrators and solutions providers in the industry. Over the past 30 years, the organization has thrived with programs and partnerships that are aligned with the industry and each other.

On June 1, 2017, PSNI announced its Global Alliance. This natural progression of events came from more than just passion and desire.

We decided to explore expanding PSNI with global partners three years ago and discovered it wasn’t the right time for our stakeholders. Following a long-range planning meeting last July, it was decided by the board of directors that we should approach the global market again. After talking and visiting with integrators in different parts of the world, we decided that the timing was right to take the PSNI model and expand it globally.

We don’t take recruitment lightly with our partners; we do extensive research and thoroughly vet our prospects, and in most all cases, will visit each potential integrator and service partner to make sure they are who they say they are and share the same ideas and beliefs that we do in running a successful organization. This is an expensive yet important element of expanding the network with trusted partners.

The challenges of global deployment start with the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know about a country, currency, languages, power, product access, distribution, and a multitude of other variables with customs, shipping, tariffs, and on and on. That’s where having a strong partner is so important to the success of each project.

The key to global integration and services is trust, leadership, and communication. There is a little bit of “cat herding” involved in running an organization that currently includes 101 North American offices and 27 offices located in Brazil, UAE, Germany, Brazil, Ireland, The Netherlands, and the UK with more global members coming online before the end of the year.

A common theme of cooperative, professional, and likeminded AV solutions providers who trust and rely upon each other to install, commission, train, and service/support the geographically dispersed solutions delivered to individual clients brings PSNI to its Global Alliance today.

As AV/IT integrators and service providers, we know that enterprise-wide business opportunities—from design to managed services, can be negotiated and originated anywhere from any location and delivered to any destination throughout the world. However, the cost associated with sending someone from your team, the time it takes (not to mention alternate time zones), and the resources required leave something to be desired.

Technology users want to do business with partners they trust, who understand their business outcomes, and can integrate and support the systems that achieve their business objectives. Simple and standardized. Local solutions. Global reach.

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PSNI and its new global partners convened for their first official meeting at InfoComm 2017.

Take for instance the case of Solutione in Brazil, one of PSNI’s Global Alliance members. Most of their customers are global companies. The issue was: “We were somehow trying to have partners around the world to support this type of business, but there were no rules, responsibilities, standards, or requirements,” CEO Odaire Tremante said. “Joining PSNI’s Global Alliance and working with their vetted and trusted members is a huge benefit to help local companies like Solutione reaching out to the world with same level of services.”

A main benefit to the PSNI Global Alliance will be extending the reach of its members wherever they may be in the world. Coming together to do business on a large enterprise scale will be one of the strongest links that bring the PSNI members together.

It goes further than just another pin on the map, however. One of the strongest tools in the PSNI arsenal is the ability to learn from a group of likeminded individuals—those thought leaders and change-agents in the technology industry. By extending PSNI’s reach to a global level, we can now have a better understanding of the global economy, with its diverse cultures, and how it impacts business from country to country. Most importantly, we can learn from a larger group of industry veterans.

In the end, it’s all about trust, integrity, and a common goal of client satisfaction.

PSNI announced its first global members earlier in June and plans to continue its growth in the future. PSNI is currently opening its North American membership in the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Additionally, we are actively recruiting new members throughout the world. For those interested in becoming a North American or Global Alliance member, please visit our website at www.psni.org.


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