Blackmagic Design Launches Ultimatte 12

Blackmagic Design Launches Ultimatte 12

The What: Blackmagic Design has launched Ultimatte 12, a new realtime hardware compositing processor for broadcast quality keying, adding augmented reality elements into shots, working with virtual sets, and more. Ultimatte 12 is available immediately from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for $9,995.

The What Else: Ultimatte 12 features entirely new algorithms and color science, improved edge handling, greater color separation, increased color fidelity, and better spill suppression than previous iterations. The advanced 12G-SDI design gives Ultimatte 12 customers the flexibility to work in HD today and switch to Ultra HD when they are ready. Customers get sub pixel processing for amazing image quality and textures in both HD and Ultra HD. It is compatible with virtually all SD, HD, and Ultra HD equipment, so customers can use it with the cameras they already have.

For augmented reality applications, Ultimatte 12, adds a new “realistic” layer compositing mode that can add tinted objects on top of a foreground image and key them correctly. This means that the object properly transmits the colors seen through it. Talent can even walk behind it and the tinted colors are accurately preserved, making the shot look completely realistic.

“Ultimatte has been the world’s highest quality broadcast keyer for 40 years,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “We’re excited about taking this incredible technology to the next level! Ultimatte 12 is no longer just a simple keyer, it’s an Ultra HD realtime compositing engine designed specifically for the needs of today’s live broadcast, television and film production needs!”

The Bottom Line: Ultimatte 12’s new image processing algorithms, large internal color space, and automatic internal matte generation lets it work on different parts of the image separately. Fine edge detail is preserved where it’s needed the most, like on hair, and transitions between colors or other objects in the scene is completely smooth. Everything is handled by new math and sub pixel processing that’s designed for the highest possible quality and clarity in both HD and Ultra HD.

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