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HTSA Hits New York with Soho 3D Showcase

With James Cameron's 3D extravaganza, Avatar, purported to have made $232 million from worldwide box office sales over the past weekend, Digital Projection picked the perfect time re-pitch its Total 3D Experience. Joining television manufacturer, Mitsubishi and home control innovator, Control4 at Manhattan's electronic retail store Stereo Exchange, Digital Projection's Titan demo was part of a one-day event last Friday hosted by the Home Theater Specialists of America to showcase 3D display technology.

"3D-enabled products will be found in mainstream distribution outlets when this technology hits the market in earnest nest year, but the better performing and easier to integrate selections will still be exclusive to HTSA type distribution," HTSA director of training and public relations said. "What's interesting about this technology is that it will enter at prices far below what we saw happen when flat panels were introduced. Those were sold for upwards of $25,000 while 3D TVs will come in significantly lower and more affordable. HTSA members will be among the first to get their hands on this revolutionary technology."

DP's Northeast/Midwest sales manager Jeffrey A. Schneider was on hand during the event to demo the result of DP's partnership with Mechdyne, the Titan System, which has been on the market for more than a year. Explaining that a lack of 3D DVD movie titles kept the Titan from fully entering the residential side of the business, Schneider noted that a new commitment by Hollywood to provide significantly more 3D film titles in the new year makes owning a 3D system a lot more attractive for consumers.

During my Titan Reference 1080p 3D Dual Projector demo, which came equipped with sturdy $200 3D glasses (this eyewear made those paper contraptions handed out in movie theaters seem like an abomination), DP took full advantage of Avatar mania with its opening still of a Na'vi woman that literally pops out of the screen. Other animated 3D film clips followed, including G-Force, Battle for Terra, and Planet 51. It was truly one of the clearest, eye-catching demos of 3D I have ever experience, and Schneider and his team are banking on that wow factor to induce consumers to become early adopters.

Mitsubishi's WD-82837 and WD-65837 rear-projection DLPs that both come equipped with 3D converters, appeal to the gamer and family den set, with price points to match. On the market for the past year, the flat panels come in sizes up to 82 inches and are priced under $5,000, which is a figure Berman pointed to when advocating for 3D technology.

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