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Wallin ONE Digital Signage Platform Eliminates Need to Create Content

Wallin ONE Digital Signage Platform Eliminates Need to Create Content
  • Wallin will showcase its Wallin ONE digital signage solution at ISE. Wallin ONE is specifically designed to eliminate one of the biggest challenges facing small to medium companies planning to deploy digital signage – the challenge of creating and enriching content.
  • Wallin ONE aims to remove the need to generate or acquire content by making content available within the platform. An app market, included within the Wallin ecosystem, enables the user to quickly and easily choose the content (such as social media, news and so on) to appear on-screen to create or enrich engaging, interactive consumer experiences.
  • With Wallin ONE, users can implement social remarketing campaigns, strengthening online campaigns with output in the offline world such as promoting specific hashtags on the web and, at the same time, in the physical store. This social capability complements and enhances Wallin ONE’s ability to leverage native and third party apps, video, images and so on, giving users a range of highly available content options not available with other platforms.
  • In order to optimize consumer interaction, Wallin ONE enables proximity marketing by supporting sensors for such as infrared, ultrasonic, physical switches or NFC, allowing the user to trigger an action on screen or on a mobile device when the presence of a consumer is detected. This transforms any screen into an interactive marketing tool capable of creating superior consumer experiences and engagement.
  • A cloud-based media platform, its ease of use and affordability are ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses who want to take advantage of the many benefits of digital signage, but do not have the resources that are typically required by competing solutions.
  • Because it is cloud-based and uses HTML5, Wallin ONE provides several advantages. No special hardware platform is required, making it very affordable, with prices starting at only €20/month. It can be managed from any Internet-connected device via Wallin’s simple, intuitive Wallin ONE Web Dashboard. Wallin ONE is also easily scalable as a business’s needs grow.

Wallin ONE is also highly customizable, enabling users to reflect their own brand identities quickly and easily. It is also available as a white label/OEM solution. It can also be integrated with any external media source.

“We believe that, for too long, digital signage has been just too hard - too hard to buy, too hard to use, too hard to manage, and too hard to get right. So, to make all those things easy, we created Wallin ONE,” said Alessandro Messineo, Wallin CEO. “Now, there is an affordable, easy-to-use digital signage solution that delivers everything a user will need to get started – right out of the box. Wallin ONE can quickly deliver a return on investment even for a user with only a single screen. But: just because it’s affordable and easy to use doesn’t mean we have compromised on its features, such as support for proximity marketing and integration with social media. Even a small user can create and easily manage truly compelling digital signage experiences.”

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