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UNLV Standardizes on Visix Digital Signage

UNLV lobby signage
UNLV lobby signage (Image credit: Visix)

Visix continues its multiyear rollout of a digital signage network for the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), now serving five departments with an eclectic and engaging blend of custom interactive wayfinding systems, traditional digital signage, and meeting space solutions.

Visix has had a presence on the UNLV campus since 2013, alongside other digital signage systems that served specific departments. UNLV has worked closely with Visix on a consolidation strategy in recent years, with the goal of establishing a single-vendor network to serve multiple departments. This core consolidation strategy has been spearheaded through UNLV’s IT department, which now manages the entire network.

In addition to developing custom digital signage templates and layouts for all departments, the Visix Creative Services team has been focused on developing custom interactive wayfinding solutions. These systems are now found in five departments, with each including unique maps and directory data to serve specific buildings and floors.

Frank Alaimo, UNLV senior audio visual systems specialist, with Visix’s interactive wayfinding solution.

Frank Alaimo, UNLV senior audio visual systems specialist, with Visix’s interactive wayfinding solution. (Image credit: Visix)

Visix developed a common user interface in four departments to provide a familiar wayfinding experience for students and visitors moving between these buildings. These include the College of Education, William S. Boyd School of Law, and the Stan Fulton Building, which houses UNLV’s International Gaming Institute.

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Debut of AxisTV Signage Suite

The same interactive wayfinding design was most recently added to the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, a newly constructed learning facility adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip. The latest building added to the network, the college is also the first to launch Visix’s new-generation AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage platform. The enterprise CMS delivers visual media and messaging to displays, supporting the college’s organizational communications strategy for faculty and more than 2,300 students. AxisTV Signage Suite also provides real-time conference and event schedules on Visix Connect and EPS E Ink room signs in front of classrooms and meeting spaces.

Visix’s interactive wayfinding design in the UNLV Lied Library

Visix’s interactive wayfinding design in the UNLV Lied Library (Image credit: Visix)

Visix has also created a unique interactive wayfinding design for the fifth building, the UNLV Lied Library. Here, students can pull event data from UNLV’s event management system, and display computer lab availability. Additionally, all interactive Lied Library content is responsive for mobile devices, allowing students to view maps and directories on their smartphones upon scanning a QR code. Visix wayfinding projects for UNLV have won four interactive design awards for both graphic and UI design.

Amy Buchanan, sales manager for Visix, adds that all departments are in the process of transitioning from previous-generation AxisTV digital signage software to the AxisTV Signage Suite platform.

“AxisTV Signage Suite software brings new benefits including robust video streaming support, improved content design tools, touch interactivity, and more efficient content creation workflows,” said Buchanan. “We are working closely with the IT team to migrate various departments to new hardware and software, including Visix e-paper room signs and multi-output digital signage players for video walls.”

UNLV’s IT department has added five new Visix digital signage players to its hosted server, with many more displays powered by AxisTV Signage Software expected to come online through 2021.

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