The Nine 2023: Justin Lachovsky

Justin Lachovsky, The Nine 2023
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Title: Director, Sales and Marketing

Company: Telecine

Location: Montreal

Overtime: Lachovsky is a massive fan of DC comics, especially Batman. His fandom is so large that he even has a half-sleeve Batman tattoo on his right arm. You could say the Dark Knight is always with him.

Why You Need to Know Him: When it comes to digital signage, Justin Lachovsky focuses on content first. It’s a concept that Telecine, the innovative digital signage company where he serves as director of sales and marketing, continues to provide education on for the industry. He also approaches everything with the customer and their needs first, helping them to find the best solution to achieve their desired effect rather than pigeonholing them into a pre-built solution.

“There is always a solution to their request, but focus on the objective they are looking to achieve and success is guaranteed,” said Lachovsky.

You could say Lachovsky “fell down the rabbit hole” of the Pro AV industry, working in various roles until he found his current one as director of marketing and sales for Telecine. As he was finishing his undergraduate degree, he started to work at Telecine as a marketing assistant. From there, he worked in everything from project management to account management. “I just love technology so much that I took a deep interest in everything we did to make cool content for our clients’ displays,” he explained.

My passion for technology has made it easy for me to learn more about all the industry components. It’s not just work for me, it’s fun.

A self-proclaimed tech geek, Lachovsky is currently responsible for leading the strategic direction for all marketing and sales initiatives, but is always looking to expand upon the company’s business operations. Recently, he spearheaded an initiative to make the company more agnostic concerning its content creation efforts, allowing them to work with a broader scope of signage software platforms.

Authenticity is also essential for him; he focuses on doing that in everything he does—and believes that if you are always yourself, the rest will follow as it should. “My passion for technology has made it easy for me to learn more about all the industry components,” he added. “It’s not just work for me, it’s fun.”

When Telecine sadly lost its beloved founder, James Fine, last year, Lachovsky helped make the transition as smooth as possible with his selfless, compassionate leadership. “While he is smart as a whip, it is his empathy, his emotional intelligence, that makes him smarter than the average bear,” said David Defelici, vice president of business development with Telecine. “It sounds cliché, but his humanity sets him apart.”

Looking to the future, Lachovsky said he loves everything the industry has to offer, and his goal is to stay within the digital signage industry for as long as possible. The constant evolution within the sector makes every day a new adventure and forces him to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. “Just when you think you are getting used to a certain technology, bam! Something new to play with,” he said.

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