Take a Walk Through This Immersive Forest-Themed Attraction

Electric blue deer projections stand in the woods thanks to Christie projectors.
(Image credit: Christie)

Titled Oriens Lumina, it is Shanghai’s first forest-themed immersive night tourism venue and a new addition to the Lumina series of enchanted night walks developed by Montreal-based multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory in collaboration with Deng Yu (Shanghai) Culture Communication, an interdisciplinary content production firm specializing in integrating art and technology. The site is operated by Shanghai Huansen Culture Development and is expected to be officially opened to the public in November after more than a year in the making.

Covering an area of approximately 80,000 square meters (861,113 square feet), Oriens Lumina is inspired by “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, an ancient book about mythic geography and beasts, and the Chinese yin and yang theory of the five elements. It combines digital projections, lighting, animation, sound and special effects to transform the woodland adjacent to Jiukeshu Future Art Center into an innovative and artful venue that delivers a dream-like, multi-sensory experience for visitors.

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Oriens Lumina showcases an array of exciting projections accomplished by Christie laser projection.

(Image credit: Christie)

The digital projections are accomplished by a fleet of Christie 3DLP and 1DLP laser projectors comprising the Crimson WU31, 4K10-HS, DWU1612-HS, and DWU1082-GS deployed across all five themed zones to present an array of vivid and lifelike visuals. The projectors were supplied by Christie’s trusted partner, Zhongqing Yingye Group, which also provided on-site technical support for this project.

“Christie’s high performance and reliable 3DLP and 1DLP laser projectors, with their long-lasting laser illumination, compact footprint, quiet operation and omnidirectional capabilities, are well-suited to bring the immersive environments of Oriens Lumina to life,” said Yueyi Wu, representative for Eastern China, Zhongqing Yingye Group. “We are pleased that the amazing projections blended beautifully with nature and will enable visitors to enjoy an exciting, interactive and emotional experience.”

Christie projectors bring images to life.

(Image credit: Christie)

"We are delighted to bring visitors on an exploratory journey where they can experience various types of illuminations, including projection mapping, that are used to deliver engaging stories depicted in ‘The Classic of Mountains and Seas,'" said Minfeng Zhang, project coordinator of Oriens Lumina. “ Combined with music and sound effects, visitors can better appreciate the natural landscape that has been infused with regional heritage and ancient mythology.”

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Visitors can explore the five themed zones at their own pace, namely “Many Moons”, “Woodland Maze”, “Magnetic Storm”, “Hidden Temple,” and “Magnolia Renaissance”, which symbolize the five primary energy elements of water, fire, earth, gold, and wood. The projectors are installed discretely among the foliage and fitted in weatherproof enclosures to protect them from inclement weather. Bright and bold images are displayed on large translucent screens set up between the trees to provide maximum visual impact.

Christie projectors bring this immersive shining image to life.

(Image credit: Christie)

“By utilizing a range of cutting-edge technologies such as laser projection, Oriens Lumina has delivered spectacular visuals and aesthetics that enable visitors to be fully immersed in a mythical world within a forest landscape," said April Qin, senior director of sales for China, Enterprise, Christie. "We’re proud to be a part of this world-class cultural tourism project, and are grateful to Zhongqing Yingye Group for completing this landmark project with our laser projectors that are perfect for demanding, high-usage outdoor applications.”

Featuring an IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source in a robust chassis, the 31,500-lumen Crimson WU31 provides years of reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation with its long-life laser light source that offers up to 20,000 hours to 50% brightness. With key features such as Christie BoldColor Technology for enhanced color performance and ultra-fast Christie TruLife electronics, the Crimson WU31 is the go-to solution for demanding, large venue events and applications.

Christie projectors shine detailed and colorful images on the walls of this immersive attraction.

(Image credit: Christie)

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Christie’s HS Series and GS Series 1DLP laser projectors offer long-lasting laser illumination and rich features that meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Some models are also compatible with Christie Mystique, an automated camera-based alignment and recalibration solution. Christie 1DLP laser projectors are the perfect choice for night tourism, museums, planetariums, training and conferences, education, themed entertainment and live events.

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