STRATACACHE Acquires Vertigo Digital Outdoor -

STRATACACHE Acquires Vertigo Digital Outdoor

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STRATACACHE announced the acquisition of the Vertigo QSR Outdoor Digital Menu product line from Civiq Smartscapes.

“Our strategy is to identify opportunities in our core markets that will help our customers drive greater profitability – Outdoor Digital Menu boards are a great opportunity for our customers to better serve their customers,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “With the addition of the Vertigo QSR Outdoor Digital Menu Board product line, we are acquiring many years of research and development and the Intellectual Property licenses needed to ensure our customers’ success in this market segment. The acquisition further increases our competitive advantage as we broaden our customer base among QSR and Fast Casual restaurants.”

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“Digital media in food services is now turning to the QSR drive-thru,” said Lyle Bunn, digital media specialist. “Outdoor digital displays can improve the customer experience by increasing drive-thru order speed and capturing insights that optimize training and order processing. New technology is enabling outdoor digital displays to deliver drive-thru margin per order, revisiting frequency and branding improvements.” He added, “Increasing view-ability and reliability while reducing costs makes outdoor digital signage a powerful asset for QSR success.”

Civiq Smartscapes has a track record of providing cost effective, durable and high-quality products. The Pronto series in particular delivers multi-display flexibility, which lets owners and franchisees choose from a variety of display solutions to get the exact right product at the exact right price.

“The Vertigo outdoor LCD platforms have the unique patented “DACS – Direct Air Cooling System,” said Ralph Idems, Managing Director of Sales, DOOH and Transit for Civiq Smartscapes. “This is the most cost effective, reliable and energy efficient technology available. The system is easy to install, maintain and field upgrade. With many thousands installed around the world the platform is a proven performer and uniquely suited for outdoor menu board systems.” He added, “The technology is widely used in the larger format Vertigo Display platforms as well, and will continue to be embedded in future Civiq products.”

This acquisition reflects STRATACACHE’s ongoing commitment to the QSR, Fast Casual and Retail segments by delivering complete end-to-end solutions.


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