SCN Product Showcase 2022

SCN Product Showcase 2022
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What new products have sparked the interest of Pro AV professionals this year? We reviewed the product announcements published on since January 2022. The following group includes products from articles that earned the most clicks from curious readers. In other words, we’re not picking favorites—we’re picking your favorites!

Barix Paging Gateway M400

Barix Paging Gateway M400

(Image credit: Barix)

The Paging Gateway M400 hardware enables paging from smartphones into almost any existing analog public address system. Users can easily send announcements through a web browser (no app needed) from Android, iOS mobile phones, or and computer on the local network. The hardware can also be used to extend Barix’s advanced IC complete, IP-based paging and two-way intercom platform in schools, businesses, and public facilities. This enables mobile phones and computers to be used as zone-capable paging stations in new or existing IC paging deployments. The user simply selects the zones to page into, and IC paging automatically routes the announcements to the right speakers or zone amplifiers. Access protection ensures only authorized personnel can use the system.

ClearOne DIALOG 10 USB Wireless Mic

ClearOne DIALOG 10 USB Wireless Mic

(Image credit: ClearOne)

Plug-and-play simplicity and wireless convenience come together in this single-channel wireless microphone. Ideal for webcasting and cloud-based collaboration through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and other apps, the DIALOG 10 is also ideal for public events, live streaming, classroom presentations, and conferences. An included USB-C cable connects to any PC for audio, power, and control. Wide audio bandwidth provides superior speech clarity, and ultra-low audio latency significantly enhances the audio experience. Offering a robust frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology, with no frequency license restrictions worldwide, the auto-scan feature finds open channels for optimal reception, and standards-based FIPS 197 AES-128 encryption ensures a secure link for wireless audio. 

Crestron VC-4 Virtual Control Enhancements


(Image credit: Crestron)

Crestron's enhanced software platform enables enterprise IT managers to deploy and scale room configurations quickly without sacrificing functionality. Crestron VC-4 allows IT specialists to design and configure a room’s UC, AV, and control solutions, save those configurations, and then automate them in a fraction of the time, significantly cutting down labor costs for common applications by streamlining the custom configuration experience. Since it is integrated with standard programming languages, including C# for IT and SIMPL for AV professionals, it does not require any new training to execute. VC-4 also comes equipped with the XiO Cloud Technology Operations Management platform, providing device lifecycles management, control, and remote support to maintain operational standards and maximize room uptime efficiently at scale, while providing enhanced data insights from a single dashboard.

HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite


(Image credit: HuddleCamHD)

This zero-setup, plug-and-play auto-tracking camera features flexible options for nearly any setting, as well as built-in compatibility for a range of system configurations. Users can simply unbox the camera, plug it into a USB 2.0 connection, and start recording or streaming with motion tracking—no software setup required. Thanks to its 20x optical zoom, the 1080p camera can be positioned up to 50 feet away from the subject. With a 59.5-degree field of view and 270 degrees of rotation, those being recorded are free to move about the tracking area. Fully compatible with most videoconferencing, lecture capture, and learning management systems, it can be easily integrated with practically any existing hardware due to its NDI|HX, USB, IP, SDI and HDMI output options.



(Image credit: HYPERVSN)

The HYPERVSN SmartV Platform opens the possibility of interactive holographic content, as the platform is built on Android, which enables customers to develop custom widgets for their brand. In 2022, a larger but lighter 3000-nit HYPERVSN SmartV high-bright model launched, which can be connected to camera, voice, and tablet controls. Other external triggers, such as motion sensors or Internet data sources, can be used to trigger the HYPERVSN SmartV display, providing the user with a completely interactive experience. Committed to sustainability, the enhanced SmartV uses fewer pixels to create the same high-resolution imaging, with the new HYPERVSN SmartV devices having a power consumption rate below 50W on average. 

JBL Professional SRX900 Series


(Image credit: JBL)

The SRX900 Series offers a complete system solution—including speakers, subwoofers, and accessories—that support a range of configurations and simplify storage, transport, and rigging. The latest family from JBL Professional includes dual 6.5-inch and dual 10-inch powered line array elements and 18-inch and dual 18-inch powered subwoofers, making it ideal for rental companies, fixed installations, and musicians seeking the combination of performance and portability. SBX900 Series speakers showcase acoustic innovations like JBL’s patented Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI), which mounts both the high and low-frequency transducers on a single horn, improving horizontal dispersion while minimizing cabinet size. SRX900 models feature built-in DSP that provides everything users need to optimize and tune their systems, including 24-band parametric EQ, 2,000ms of delay, and gain control.

LG 136-inch All-in-One dvLED

LG 136 Inch All in One dvLED

(Image credit: LG)

The new 136-inch All-in-One DVLED display from LG Business Solutions USA combines a 1080p screen, on-board webOS controller, and built-in speakers to offer immediate operation in virtually any environment. With the new model, technology integrators can say goodbye to complicated installation procedures and wiring. The display can be installed in one day and includes every component necessary to serve a variety of needs and installation locations. Operating at up to 500 nits of brightness and featuring a 4.6mm bezel, 1.56mm pixel pitch, and total resolution of 1920x1080, the display has a rated lifespan of 100,000 hours to half-brightness. LG designed the cable-free LED modules to literally snap in using a magnetic tool, making the process virtually foolproof for integrators, and enabling much faster installation than other dvLED display options.

Meyer Sound Panther Line Array Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound Panther

(Image credit: Meyer)

The Panther family consists of three cabinets with different horizontal coverage patterns: the Panther-M (95 degrees), Panther-W (110 degrees), and Panther-L (featuring an all-new long throw horn with a tightly defined 80-degree horizontal pattern). Panther also features new, longer-excursion, 12-inch low-frequency cone drivers and new 3-inch compression drivers. Each incorporates advanced magnet structures using new materials for higher flux density despite substantial weight reduction. Combined with a new LF port design, Panther has a maximum peak output of more than 150 dB SPL. Weighing only 150 pounds, Panther is a significantly lighter box than anything in its class. Reduced weight means more Panther loudspeakers can be flown on a single motor, and larger arrays can share the same truss and hang points with extensive video and lighting gear. 



(Image credit: QSC)

The NM Series tabletop network microphone and loudspeakers—powered by the Q-SYS OS—have joined the Q-SYS NC Series conference cameras and Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 network touchscreen controllers as a complete suite of native, IP-based collaboration products for designers, consultants, integrators, and IT end users. The NM-T1 is a tabletop PoE network microphone that features advanced beamforming technology with four software-configurable zones and up to 360-degree coverage, allowing designers to minimize noise and refine intelligibility for optimal collaboration experiences. The NL Series loudspeakers offer three enclosure types, all delivering optimal speech and music reproduction to any modern collaboration space. As native Q-SYS products designed to work seamlessly together, the NM Series microphone, NL Series soundbar, and TSC Series Gen 3 touchscreen controllers benefit from the new Q-SYS Call Sync technology.

Shure MXA920 Ceiling Mic

Shure MXA920

(Image credit: Shure)

With Automatic Coverage technology, MXA920 provides pre-configured audio capture with minimal setup required, reducing the time and cost of deployments for integrators. The MXA920 also employs next-generation array architecture for enhanced directional pickup and more natural speech. The onboard IntelliMix DSP delivers noise and echo-free performance as well as audio clarity and intelligibility for AV conferencing across room types—executive boardrooms, higher education hybrid classrooms, corporate, and government meeting spaces. Two form factors (square and round) support design integration into even the most sophisticated facilities and meeting spaces. The MXA920 is also certified for Microsoft Teams and has versatile mounting options for in-ceiling, on-ceiling, pole, or wire rope installations.

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