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News from the Y: The Latest Edtech Startups in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Class (EdSurge)

"What’s the latest from the Y? Over Monday and Tuesday earlier this week, entrepreneurs from 189 startups took the stage for Demo Day, the de-facto graduation ceremony for Y Combinator, one of the technology industry’s most recognizable startup accelerator programs."—Source: EdSurge

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Do these names mean anything to you—Edyst, Flockjay, or Skill-Lync? Well, get ready. These edtech startups with the ever clever spelling are the latest hot-shots from the Y, as in the famous Y Combinator Demo Day. The seven startups are unique and offer different education-oriented solutions and services (apps, platforms, scheduling, etc), but what unites them is a focus on community. This is a must-read for anyone exploring the next generation of edtech innovation. This list is a de facto edtech trend report as it represents where investors see exciting growth opportunities.