New Solid State Logic Desktop Mixer Built for Hybrid Production

BiG SiX Audio Console Hybrid
(Image credit: SSL)

Solid State Logic (SSL) has launched its latest desktop mixing console, BiG SiX, a 16-channel, studio grade mixing console that combines features and technologies from large-format SSL consoles with full USB integration, additional processing, and advanced routing capabilities. 

BiG SiX is ideal for hybrid recording and mixing environments. The console's SuperAnalogue design delivers the punch, clarity, and ultra-low distortion from the company's 9000 consoles, along with a new 16-channel AD/DA USB interface. Also included is an "Essential Version" of the SSL G-Comp Bus Compressor, now with the "Auto" release feature, channel dynamics processing, and a three-band EQ based on the SSL 4000E console. A comprehensive monitoring section features full source matrix feeding two independent headphone outputs, along with 18-channel analog summing at mixdown capability. 

"SiX introduced SSL console-grade processing and workflow to a wider range of users, and BiG SiX, with its enhanced feature set and full USB interface integration takes this a stage further, providing all of the essential tools of a hybrid studio,” said Nigel Beaumont, managing director of Solid State Logic. “BiG SiX sets a new benchmark in desktop mixer performance and we can’t wait to see how users enhance their productions with it.”  

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BiG SiX is a nimble and capable solution at any point in the production process. In addition to 16 channels of 96 Khz/24-bit USB conversion, which the user can reroute to external inputs, stereo cues and pre/post fader options, BiG SiX also features fully balanced insert points on all SuperAnalogue inputs, full-size 100 mm SSL console grade faders, mix bus inject for cascading additional SiX and BiG SiX, dual independent headphone outputs, and much more. As well as offering four SuperAnalogue mic/line/Hi-z inputs with polarity switch, the four stereo inputs can be individually switched to dual mono, adding further recording flexibility.

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