Moving from textual thinking to visual thinking (eCampus News)

"We need to start seeing the world in different ways if we hope to make effective use of the tools of the digital age. However, our educational institutions are still locked into profoundly text-based paradigms that have limited our capacity to use and teach visual and multidimensional problem-solving skills. I see the effects of this in my students and in my colleagues. Our industrial education model is designed to teach visual thinkers to think textually. It is baked deeply into the system and starts from an early age. It profoundly limits the way we perceive the world to artificially linear tracks."—Source: eCampus News

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Expanded perspectives not only open learning opportunities, they also create pathways for people who learn in different ways. Read how embracing visual thinking will be a key step for institutions that want to stay nimble and truly connect with learners.