KILOVIEW Launched Its New NDI Converter N50—Facts, Features

KILOVIEW Launches 12G-SDI to NDI Converter N50
(Image credit: KILOVIEW)

KILOVIEW  launched its new 12G-SDI bi-directional converter N50 worldwide during its webinar on Thursday, July 28.

Following the successful launch of the N60 converter in April this year, the KILOVIEW N50 is another step ahead in the company’s mission of creating a growing ecosystem of powerful IP-based video transmission solutions. While the N60 focuses on converting HDMI to NDI and NDI to HDMI, the N50 will be able to convert 12G-SDI to NDI and NDI to 12G-SDI, and will also support the direct transmission of USB to NDI signals by integrating both NDI and NDI|HX into one converter.

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With greater performance, this all-encompassing solution is intended to streamline and simplify processes in any professional IP-based video transmission environment, including broadcast, news gathering, sports, concerts, medical imaging, and live events.

“Both N60 and N50 offer broadcasters a solution to the difficult and time-consuming process of figuring out which encoder or decoder in the chain accepts an NDI or an NDI|HX stream. Since the N60/N50 may output both NDI and NDI|HX, there is no need to set different NDI formats anymore,” commented Judy Zuo, KILOVIEW’s vice president and head of sales and marketing. “With professional quality of image and low latency performance, the N50/N60 could boost the application of NDI in industries such as professional broadcasting, medical, education, and more.” 

Same as with the N60, the N50 offers unmatched color depth and transmission efficiency at an incredible price, by supporting 12gG-SDI and both main NDI protocols, as well as delivering both high quality or low latency under the most demanding professional broadcast and AV conditions.

KILOVIEW Launches 12G-SDI to NDI Converter N50

(Image credit: KILOVIEW)

Common features of the N60 and N50 include:

  • NDI and NDI|HX: Both protocols supported with encoding and decoding functionality combined all in one small form factor.
  • Bring HD USB video into NDI: For customers using USB HD camera sources, the N60 and N50 simply connect to the USB video and transmit it to a NDI source, opening up even more possibilities in NDI production environments.
  • Better color performance: Up to YCbCr 4:2:2 color space and 10 bits color depth.
  • High quality and low latency: 4K video bi-directional transmission with HDMI/12G-SDI input and output when every millisecond counts.
  • Built-in IPS LCD screen: Quick, smart, and clear presentation of all vital parameters for intuitive live direction.
  • Scroll wheel: Customize user settings and/or switch and control all video sources with ultimate ease.

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