IsoAcoustics New Solution Isolates Height Speakers for Immersive Audio

The IsoAcoustics V120 mount holds a speaker in place from a ceiling.
(Image credit: IsoAcoustics)

IsoAcoustics has released the new V120 isolation system for height speakers used in immersive audio. This new patented design draws on the experience and success of other IsoAcoustics products to deliver an easy-to-install system that provides acoustics isolation to improve imaging and clarity for wall and ceiling-mounted professional studio monitors.

“We are excited to apply the acoustic benefits IsoAcoustics products have been known for, to height speakers in immersive audio installations. The response to the V120 Mounts has been very positive,” said IsoAcoustics founder, Dave Morrison.

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Patented Decoupling Technology from IsoAcoustics

When a loudspeaker is placed on a surface, it will interact with that surface in a way that can compromise sound quality. Vibrations are conducted through the structure and conducted back into the speaker resulting in reduced clarity and accuracy. The smearing of any details shared between two or more channels can result in diminished accuracy of the sound image which is fundamental to the immersive audio experience. By mitigating the transfer of energy between the speaker and the supporting structure, the V120 provides improved imaging and clarity.

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A World of Mounting Options

In order to accommodate the various mounting points on today’s professional audio speakers, the IsoAcoustics V120 Mount is compatible with a large number of adapters, providing solutions for all applications ranging from wall mounting to metal rigging. The V120 comes with a ceiling plate that can be directly fastened to the ceiling or removed allowing the V120 mount to be attached to other surfaces and structures, using one of the IsoAcoustics V120 mounting adapters. The V120 can be wall mounted using the V120 wall bracket, adapted to truss systems, Unistrut, or third-party mounting hardware.

Connecting Speakers to the V120 

The IsoAcoustics V120 Mount is compatible with many popular speaker models that weigh up to 40 pounds (18.1 kg). Most speaker models with threaded connection points located on the sides or on the back of the speaker cabinet can be adapted to mount to the V120. Speakers can be attached either to the bottom circular flange, or a sliding bracket can be inserted that provides the tilt adjustable connection for studio monitors. The V120 Mount allows for 360-degree rotation and up to 90 degrees of tilt adjustment, making it very easy to focus speakers at the intended listening position for optimum performance. The IsoAcoustics Product Selector application makes it easy to determine which combination of brackets and adaptors are required to configure a specific model of speaker for a wall or ceiling installation.

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Ideal for Immersive Sound 

The V120 Mount is already being used in prominent studios and in demonstrations by Dolby Atmos. Visitors to this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, would have had the opportunity to hear immersive demos featuring the IsoAcoustics V120 in sessions held in both the Focal and the Dolby Atmos booths. Audio engineer Eddie Kramer is a long-time user of the IsoAcoustics ISO-Pucks and has been using the V120 at the Empire Lakeside Studios in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Three-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Michael Romanowski is currently using the V120 system in his studio, Coast Mastering in Berkeley, CA. Working in immersive audio formats including Dolby Atmos, 360RA and Auro 3D, Romanowski believes, “the closer I can be to the source, the more accurate my creative decisions will be. These new mounts do a fantastic job of keeping the speaker separate, separating the sound and vibration sources, without coloring the other speakers mounted to the same struts.”

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