How Analog Way and VISCON GmbH Enable VR Automotive Design for Hyundai

Analog Way brings VR technology to the Hyundai auto designers.
(Image credit: Analog Way)

At Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH (HMETC) in Germany, an Analog Way Aquilon C+ fully modular and scalable 4K/8K on-screen presentation system and video wall processor is at the heart of the new VR Design Center.

Part of the Hyundai Motor Group, one of the world’s five biggest automakers, HMETC in Rüsselsheim makes sure that every Hyundai which comes to Europe meets the demanding standards of the European market and its customers.

The VR Design Center uses latest VR technology to transform car design and optimize workflow and interactivity, especially with Hyundai headquarters 10,000 kilometers away in Korea and in the United States. It features a specially-equipped 20x22-meter VR studio where up to 10 designers can walk around in real-time and experience virtually the interior and exterior design of future vehicles.

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Analog Way partnered with VISCON GmbH, a leader in high-end visualization, VR, and simulation, on the unique center. Manuel Kirchesch, senior project manager for VISCON, acted as consultant for the VR Design Department during the project’s early phase in 2019-2020.  Later, he was responsible for, among other things, the technical selection of hardware and complete project management and supervision during installation.

Kirchesch was challenged by the complex arrangement of different hardware and technology and their seamless integration in the VR space.  “We were setting up the most modern and most intuitive VR design studio with cutting-edge technology available today,” he explained.

“The Aquilon C+ is the real heart of the system: It combines all sources and targets of the video/audio signal management and was chosen because it features the highest bandwidth and canvas available in the market.” Kirchesch himself was involved in early feature request development of the Aquilon series.

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The VR studio is equipped with Samsung’s latest generation of “The Wall” LED screen with native 8K resolution and a pixel pitch of 0.84mm. The three10 X software, in which VISCON is a premium partner to make innovative AV/IT software for the easy creation and control of immersive digital experiences, enables the creation of stunning presentations and visualization experiences. 

Optitrack provided the massive 46-camera tracking system. Power distribution is handled by custom hardware called EcoProtect//The PowerMaster, developed and manufactured by VISCON. EcoProtect//ThePowermaster provides the maximum security functions for the LED electronic components combined with reducing power consumption and minimizing the ecological footprint of the AV installation during non-usage to “zero.”

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