Have You Heard? 5 SCN Audio Tech Reviews You Don't Want to Miss

A female customer-service rep answers calls using the Jabra Engage 55 headset.
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In today's hybrid world, ensuring top-notch audio can't be overlooked. Whether you're recording a podcast interview or joining that big corporate meeting from home, the right tools are imperative. Over the past few weeks, the crew at SCN has tested out a few products to help ensure meeting equity and quality sound. 

Conferencing Clarity with Sennheiser and Xilica

Sennheiser, Xilica, ISE 2022

(Image credit: Sennheiser, Xilica)

Videoconferencing has become the norm since the pandemic. During the isolation stage, people were Zooming rather than traveling to meetings. As a result, the quality of the visuals and sound needed to rise to a new level, so all parties could see and hear everything clearly.

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Sennheiser, a trusted name in sound and conference room audio technology, and Xilica, with its innovative amplification and speaker system, have partnered and created the Sennheiser and Xilica Medium Room Kit, which contains the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) Microphone Array, Xilica Solaro QR1 digital signal processor, Sonia Amp, and Sonia C5 speaker system.

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4 Selling Points for the Shokz OpenComm UC Headset

Shokz OpenComm UC

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This review has taken the internet by storm as one of our most-read reviews. Like many of you, SCN's Mark J. Pescatore is always in the market for a good headset. Whether it’s in-ear or over-the-ear, he's been using headsets for decades during phone interviews (and videoconferences in more recent years) to keep his hands free to type. So, when Shokz invited him to test its new OpenComm UC headset, which doesn’t put a speaker on or in your ear, he was intrigued. 

Click here to see what he learned.

3 Things to Know about the Jabra Engage 55 Headset

The Jabra Engage 55 headset, one-ear model, in all black.

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This is a good headset for videoconferences and calls from the home office. I know because I tested it myself. 

I broke down three important features about the compact and affordable Jabra Engage 55 headset. It was clearly designed with hybrid meetings in mind. It boasts an “extensive wireless range” of 490 feet away from the computer, courtesy of the USB DECT adapter. Along with Jabra Direct software, which was readily available on my computer, you can both personalize and stay up to date with the latest features.

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A Versatile, Wireless Audio Recording Solution from DJI Mic

A woman interviews a smiling woman with her cell phone and the DJI Mic wireless audio microphone.

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One of the biggest issues with wireless technology is the potential for interference between the transmitter and receiver. While you have the benefit of not dealing with wires, potential audio break-up has created a stigma with using this technology for some. DJI has solved part of this problem by having a reliable backup recorder built in each transmitter. This “safety” relieves much of the stress associated with hoping interference between the microphone and receiver doesn’t occur.

Recording on the go? You'll definitely want to check out this review.

How to Produce an Affordable Podcast with Multiple Mics


(Image credit: ATEN)

We had the opportunity to test a couple of XLR microphones, the Shure MV7 and the Audio-TechnicaAT2040, we figured it was a good opportunity to review a portable mixer as well. Meet the  ATEN UC8000 MicLIVE six-channel AI audio mixer. This miniature marvel is a great option for podcasters on a limited budget, and (with a little practice) can be easily managed by an on-air host.

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