Four Huge Displays Enhance the Learning Experience at Seminole State College

A MAXHUB Raptor series display ready for classroom use.
(Image credit: MAXHUB)

For today’s college students, the learning process typically takes place in a wide range of environments—from traditional classrooms to larger lecture halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and more. The tools that help convey the information the students are there to acquire are an important element in the learning process. To help make that process more engaging, the Sanford-Lake Mary campus of Seminole State College of Florida recently invested in four MAXHUB Raptor series LM150A07 150-inch diagonal large format displays/LED walls—on stands that enable the displays to easily be moved about.

Systems Innovation of Orlando was contracted to deploy the four MAXHUB LM150A07 Raptor series displays. “During our discussions with college management, there was considerable emphasis placed on the desire to have large, vivid displays that could easily be moved from one location to another,” explained Tim Philpot, an account executive at Systems Innovation. “This includes not only moving the displays about campus, but also the need to move them off campus to nearby hotel ballrooms for larger events. After careful consideration, we decided the MAXHUB Raptor series displays—outfitted with their accompanying mobile stand mounting solution—made an ideal choice for addressing these requirements.”

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When queried about those attributes that made the MAXHUP Raptor displays a good choice for the wide range of applications they would be used for, Philpot emphasized the systems’ wireless content sharing ability. “Depending upon the nature of the event and the venue where it’s taking place, these displays end up showing everything from spreadsheets to video, to artwork and more. The ability to wirelessly place content on the display from one’s laptop or a variety of other source devices is a huge plus, as it greatly simplifies the setup process. Similarly, the LAN screen-sharing capability for up to four windows further helps presenters convey information quickly and easily. The MAXConfig software delivers exceptional control and intuitive access to all features of the LED wall through one’s personal device.”

A MAXHUB Raptor series display showing the Seminole State College of Florida logo.

(Image credit: MAXHUB)

An important factor in making the MAXHUB Raptor series displays so versatile stems from the 3-in-1 design that provides everything one needs in a unified, easy-to-manage package. This includes the Control Unit, which encompasses the sending card, the Android OS card, plus the video processor. The Receiving Unit houses the power supply, the receiving card, plus the hub board while the Power Unit contains the power supply, the audio amplifier, and the relay. This streamlined design makes it easy to create the perfect presentation or communication experience with minimal setup time.

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While assembly and setup of the MAXHUB Raptor series displays is quite intuitive compared to other competing systems, it is not uncommon for questions to arise. Hence, responsive and capable support services are crucial. In this regard, Philpot was very complimentary of his experience with MAXHUB. “During the initial setup,” he explained, “we encountered a few challenges that we weren’t certain how to address. MAXHUB provided onsite technical support and did a great job of helping us address our questions. We were very pleased.”

The four MAXHUP Raptor series displays were deployed at Seminole State College of Florida in November 2022. Since that time, Philpot reports the displays are not only meeting, but exceeding expectations, “I am pleased to tell you that all four displays are being used a great deal and that our client is very pleased. Imagery is stunning and this, in turn, goes a long way toward keeping everyone engaged. The MAXHUB displays deliver a tremendous visual experience for everyone who encounters them."

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