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Flyte Systems Announces Enhancements to Improve Hotel Guest Experience

Flyte Systems Announces Enhancements to Improve Hotel Guest Experience
  • Flyte Systems announced its enhancement guidelines for hotel operators, including changes in signage positioning, location and content strengthen impact and value for hotel guests.

Flyte Systems also released guidelines on how to improve hotel digital signage and add value to a property’s guest experience, including recommending placement near elevators and front desks, inviting guests to interact with the signage, allowing customization, and displaying interesting, local information.

Optimized digital signage is a win-win for guests and the property. Guests engage with digital signage content that speaks to their interests and anticipates their desire for information on local attractions, wayfinding, travel options, and property promotions. An engaged guest who gets value from the property’s display often acts on their sense of wellbeing and gratitude by acting on property outlet marketing and promotions.

Flyte Systems’ suite of products that serve the traveling public includes: InfoBoard is an interactive touch screen that saves labor and EventDisplay, which professionally formats your meeting & events schedule on custom branded digital displays. Flight information and wayfinding can also be included for the convenience of your traveling guests. Additionally, FlyteBoard displays live flight information for one or more airports. It can be customized with Doppler radar, local traffic, and guest messaging to create an all-in-one travel dashboard. Flyte Board can be wall, floor, or ceiling-mounted and is ideally suited for passenger terminals, lobbies, restaurants, airport parking, convention centers and other off airport venues.