Extron Helps Maricopa County Bridge the Collegiate Communication Gap

Maricopa MCCCD
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The governing board of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) of Arizona required an enhanced AV system in its boardroom to better serve and guide the county's 10 community colleges. The room features a high-end projection system, displays on the side walls, and a conference table on a dais with a microphone at each seat. There is ample space for an audience, and the AV system has overflow capabilities. 

Meetings are high profile, with the press in regular attendance and sessions streamed and broadcast by a local television station. The upgraded AV system is built on a DTP CrossPoint 4K matrix switcher and a variety of other Extron products that ensure seamless video presentation, clear sound, and optimized streaming. 

In the past, the quality of the audio along with the video were sub-par. E1 Audiovisual Technologies integrated the high-performance presentation system that facilitates local and remote communication. Completed in just six months, the room's high-performance AV switching system meets all of the community and broadcast requirements for the governing board, including support for a wide variety of mobile sources and facilitates access for local and remote participants. 

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An Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K presentation matrix switcher provides switching, scaling, and routing of HDMI video and audio signals. Various other signal formats are converted for distribution over the twisted pair cable infrastructure. 

For example, Extron DSC 3G-HD A and DSC HD-3G A scalers facilitate signal transmission to the broadcast system and also provide audio embedding and de-embedding. Transmissions from this sub-system are sent to Extron DA4 12G HD-SDI distribution amplifiers to support the multiple wall plate connections. Relays on the DTP CrossPoint matrix switcher control lowering and raising of the projection screen. The matrix switcher and other AV system components are rack-mounted in the adjacent control room.

DTP R HWP 4K 231 D wall plate receivers support the monitors at the three council tables and the lectern. Mounted beneath each table and within the lectern are Extron DTP T USW 233 transmitters that provide local switching and signal extension to the matrix switcher. AV connectivity is through an Extron Cable Cubby 100 US AC cable enclosure. 

Maricopa MCCCD

(Image credit: Extron)

Additional resources include five NDI cameras, a Newtek Tricaster system, multiple computers, and a document camera and a Blu‑ray player at a portable lectern. To support the news media and facilitate televised events, HD-SDI connections are positioned at strategic locations throughout the room and within the adjacent control room. 

While presentations are usually managed from the control room, a presenter can choose to operate the system using the Extron TLP Pro 725M seven-inch touchpanel mounted on a side wall. It works in conjunction with the IP Link Pro control processor built into the DTP CrossPoint matrix switcher, streamlining the system.

A total of 26 gooseneck microphones are installed at the main council table and the two adjacent sub council tables. An additional gooseneck microphone is mounted on the lectern. Two lavalier, two handheld, and eight boundary microphones allow presenters to roam throughout the space and support audience participation.

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The sound system is built around a DMP 128 Plus ProDSP processor, and the audio processors and the wireless receivers are connected via Dante audio, which is transported over MCCCD's network. A MediaPort 200 HDMI and Audio to USB scaling bridge offers exceptional video scaling and built-in audio processing tools that enhanced audio and video quality for a variety of sources.

From the first use of the upgraded system, the MCCCD AV support team appreciated that they are freed from having to respond to emergency calls late into the night. The rock-solid performance and reliability of DTP also eliminates the need for constant troubleshooting. The facility stands ready for when the MCCCD returns to live meetings. 

"We’ve worked with Extron on many projects and have always had excellent results," said Kurt Maddox, COO at E1 Audiovisual Technologies. "Extron products, technologies, and support are easy to work with and are the best in the business, making the whole experience a pleasure."

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