Video Wall Control Simplified—Introducing Hiperwall 9.0

The new Hiperwall V9 software enhances a control room with AVoIP video wall control.
(Image credit: Hiperwall)

Hiperwall has released Hiperwall Version 9.0, the next step in its evolution of its AV-over-IP video wall technology. Focused on enhanced performance, flexibility, and ease of use, Hiperwall 9.0 introduces several innovative features designed to meet the diverse and mission-critical needs of command-and-control room customers. 

With Hiperwall 9.0, all video wall systems will now benefit from the enhanced video wall layout flexibility of HiperLayout. Historically an add-on option for higher-end systems, the inclusion of HiperLayout in all Version 9 systems makes it possible for customers to group displays into walls and allows centralized control and content sharing across multiple video walls managed by a single HiperController PC. This upgrade provides numerous other benefits, including the ability to define unique SmartSnap grids for each video wall in the system, incorporate displays of different sizes and resolutions seamlessly, use arbitrary display names, and easily rotate displays at any angle for artistic layouts.  

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Additionally, a suite of user-experience enhancements is aimed at upping command and control room operations. New features, like text labels and content borders, allow operators and administrators to add text labels to content items and utilize unique color borders for enhanced visual impact of shared objects.  

For customers with multiple video walls, text labels and content borders can be adjusted and customized to compensate for wall sizes, viewing distances, and customer preferences, ensuring the best viewing experience.  

The latest version of HiperOperator, the main control application for in-room and remote video wall operators, builds upon the significant UI overhaul of Version 8.5 and introduces various new features to enhance ease of use. These features include drag-and-drop functionality for seamless content movement, extended SmartSnap and SmartSwap capabilities, and the addition of labels and borders. HiperSource Sender also received a significant overhaul aimed at simplifying source management and offering users a comprehensive view of all created sources within the application window, including crucial information such as connection status, size, UUID, and name.

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Lastly, exclusive to HiperCare customers, Hiperwall Version 9.0 introduces Settings Backup, a new feature that allows system administrators to save and restore their video wall settings easily. This ensures quick recovery following hardware replacements or upgrades and facilitates the migration of video wall systems to new sites. 

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