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Elite ProAV Announces New Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST Series

The What: Elite ProAV has announced its newest ceiling ambient light rejecting projection screen in a motorized configuration—the Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST series.

Elite Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST Series

(Image credit: Elite ProAV)

The What Else: This electric screen features the DarkStar UST material which absorbs 95 percent of overhead and side lighting to provide a clear, rich projection image. Elite says that although many manufacturers have an ALR projection screen, the Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST distinguishes itself with the ability to “roll-up” into its casing when it is not in use.

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The Bottom Line: While matte white screens suffer from the wash out effects of room lighting, Elite says the Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST offers the best picture quality in any dark or lit environment and 100 times contrast enhancement over standard matte white screens.

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