DVIGear Releases DisplayNet 3.8 Software Update

DVIGear Releases DisplayNet 3.8 Software Update.
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DVIGear has released the latest version of its DisplayNet Software, DisplayNet 3.8. Freely available to all DisplayNet customers, this update introduces improvements to the DisplayNet Platform, alongside new features that improve the user experience for the deployment of massive systems. 

Improved System Scalability for Massive Systems

DisplayNet 3.8 has a specific focus on improved device management for building or campus-scale systems with hundreds of endpoints. These enhancements include new features for large-scale device management, updates to subsystems to improve scalability, as well as general performance improvements. 

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Device Tagging

Device Tagging is a new feature that allows system programmers and integrators to organize and filter groups of devices. Unlike traditional group management solutions, Device Tagging does not impose a strict folder/group hierarchy on the system. Devices may have multiple tags, allowing users to group devices by multiple aspects, rather than being limited to a single group structure. Additionally, Tag Groups allow users to filter devices by collections of tags, which can simplify complex structures. This combination of features allows for very customizable management of large groups of devices, while still maintaining the approachability and ease-of-use for which DisplayNet Manager is known.

Other Improvements

DisplayNet 3.8 also delivers many performance enhancements, including new indicators for device activity, updates to better support very large systems, and improvements to overall device responsiveness. The update also includes new firmware for both the DN-300 and DN-200 Series, as well as the latest version of the SDVoE API.

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The DisplayNet 3.8 Software Update is available now for free to all existing DisplayNet customers.  For more information, or to learn more about DisplayNet, please reach out to your DVIGear Representative, or visit our website at DisplayNet.com.

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