DPA Microphones Becomes First Company Presented With Danish Sound Award

DPA Microphones CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, Danish Sound Cluster CEO Torben Vilsgaard and DPA Microphones Vice President of Marketing Anne Berggrein accept an award.
(Image credit: DPA Microphones)

Denmark’s top sound companies gathered at the Technical University of Denmark’s DTU Skylab last week in celebration of this year’s Danish Sound Award recipient―DPA Microphones, the first-ever company to earn this recognition. Presented to professionals that drive innovation in the industry, the Danish Sound Award sheds light on the globally outstanding audio technology that is developed in the country.

The prize is awarded to those who have rethought the use and understanding of sound or have further developed and strengthened Denmark’s position as a leading nation in the field of sound. Special attention is given to nominees that have contributed to the community with completely new paths in the use of sound or have done something remarkable to showcase Danish sound expertise on an international level.

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“DPA has made an extraordinary effort to get Danish sound products known abroad and has, at the same time, had impressive financial results year after year,” said town of Struer Mayor, Mads Jakobsen, while presenting the award. “Building on a strong heritage, DPA has achieved a prominent market position because of high technical competencies. [It is] a well-respected brand used by well-known artists and organizations around the world. DPA is a solid and worthy representative for the Danish sound industry.”

DPA CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen and vice president of marketing Anne Berggrein attended the recent event to proudly accept the award on behalf of everyone in the company. “Denmark is a global epicenter of acoustical knowledge and know-how, built on the shoulders of well-respected Danish sound companies like Brüel & Kjaer, Bang & Olufsen and Demant, and that is the guiding light that we rest upon,” said Nielsen. “Working from this strong heritage, everyone at DPA was born with enormous pride and ambition―only the world’s best microphones will suffice. As a result, our dedicated and passionate team has truly built the brand to what it is today. By making the world’s best microphones, we serve some of the best artists in the world and make people happy. It is an honor to be selected for this award, and we appreciate it.”

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“Denmark is a hub for high-end audio, with many well-respected professionals and brands. We are very honored to be selected for the Danish Sound Award and look forward to continuing to build off our innovative thinking to further both DPA’s and Denmark’s position as leaders in professional sound,” Berggrein added.

Among the latest innovative products that DPA has released is its 4055 Kick Drum Mic, a specialized solution for the low-frequency, high-SPL instrument that is not pre-tailored to any specific sound, allowing sound engineers to shape their sound exactly as desired. The mic also offers a linear frequency response, both on- and off axis, which results in a very tight, natural, well-defined sound. The mic has been rigorously tested to perform in a variety of applications―like pop, rock, jazz, folk and other genres, and can even be applied to other high-SPL applications, such as with guitar cabinets.

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