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Datapath Unveils Image2K

The What: Datapath has added to its range of pro AV 4K graphics cards with the introduction of the Image2K. 

Datapath Image2K

(Image credit: Datapath)

The What Else: Designed specifically for multi-output applications and LED displays, Datapath’s Image2K can seamlessly mix 4K and HD outputs, all at 60 frames per second. Systems built using Datapath’s VSN or iolite 600 chassis can use up to 8 Image2K cards, giving 32 HD outputs, 16 4K outputs, or a mixture of the two.

With outputs synchronized across all cards, this allows the possibility of powering multiple video walls and single screen displays from a single system—ideal for security suites, corporate office displays, retail signage, or multi video wall applications. An industrial grade, near-zero noise fan is integrated alongside the heat sink to ensure optimal operating temperature and efficiency is maintained at all times.

The Bottom Line: Connectivity is provided by four HMDI outputs, capable of 2560x1600@60fps resolution. Users can also configure this as two 3840x2160@60, or one 3840x2160@60 and three HD (1920x1080@60) from the same card. The Image2K also supports 7680x1080@60.

Available now, the Image2K is available as a card only, or pre-installed in a Datapath VSN or iolite video wall controller.

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