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Crestron Launches Next-Gen 4-Series Control Systems

Crestron MC4
Crestron MC4 (Image credit: Crestron Electronics)

The What: Crestron has released the 4-Series, which the company says are the fastest, most powerful, and secure control systems it has produced to date. 

The What Else: Organizations must be able to manage anything with a network connection, including AV, voice and data, lighting, security, streaming media services, and HVAC. The 4-Series control platform offers the ability to unify these technologies on application-appropriate hardware or software, from small appliances all the way up to enterprise-grade virtual servers. As such, individual rooms can be managed with the compact MC4 and RMC4 models; floors or complex rooms with CP4 / CP4-N, or the AV4, PRO4, and DIN-AP4 (releasing in the near future); and buildings and campuses with the server-based Crestron Virtual Control platform.

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The 4-Series enables programmers to use standard development tools to create C# programs, with SDKs made publicly available on Crestron is also making it easier for customers to upgrade from the 3-Series to the 4-Series control platform. Programs created for the 3-Series will run on the 4-Series with no need for code changes, just a simple recompile. 

The Bottom Line: With 15 times faster processing, up to four times more memory, and meeting the most robust security standards in the industry, the 4-Series is designed to give organizations greater power and flexibility to integrate and manage disparate networked technologies on one secure platform.

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