Check out the RF Venue Wireless Audio Essentials Checklist

The cover to the RF Venue “How to make mics and IEMs sound better” guide.
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For peak, reliable wireless audio system performance, wireless audio accessories are essential in most applications so essential that RF Venue built a company around providing innovative solutions with patented technologies that allow any brand and model of wireless microphone and IEM systems to achieve optimal performance.

“Too often,” said RF Venue president Chris Regan, “end users upgrade wireless audio transmitters and receivers yet are frustrated to find they still face dropouts, noise and other system anomalies they’d hoped to cure. Fortunately, these problems can be resolved with a total system approach that includes essential accessories such as high-performance antennas, RF distribution and combiner components, interference filters and quality cabling.”

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RF Venue audio solutions.

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For end users who want uncomplicated, straightforward answers to their wireless microphone and IEM system questions, RF Venue has created a wireless audio essentials checklist e-book, “How to make mics and IEMs sound better,” available for free download. By answering two simple questions, users can determine whether accessories are needed to improve the overall reliability of their wireless mic and IEM systems. With just a few sentences and revealing illustrations, the concise document explains the dominant wireless performance issues, their causes and how wireless audio accessories are essential to their resolution. A simple chart shares application and venue-specific examples of appropriate components from RF Venue’s line of essentials that have solved issues for thousands of customers worldwide.

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The new wireless audio checklist is designed for those users who simply want fast answers to their wireless issues. To get targeted essential accessory advice for a given installation, users can access by RF Venue, a free tool for matching compatible wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems to available white space spectrum at any location in the U.S. If searching for a new system, the tool will advise on the major brand systems best suited for a given address in the United States. Once a system is selected, or after users enter an address and the details on the system they already own, the web app will advise on the wireless audio essentials needed to optimize a system. Convenient upgrade bundles of RF Venue wireless microphone and wireless IEM essentials are available to fit the most common system needs.

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