BrightSign-Powered Signage Elevates Experience in CO Cannabis Dispensaries

BrightSign has collaborated with Onward Content and Ping HD to integrate digital signage in Lightshade’s cannabis dispensaries throughout Colorado.
(Image credit: BrightSign)

BrightSign has collaborated with Onward Content and Ping HD to integrate digital signage in Lightshade’s cannabis dispensaries. Lightshade is a Colorado-based dispensary of recreational and medical cannabis products. Each of the company’s eight dispensaries is outfitted with screens that deliver rich educational content to create the desired ambiance of each location, and to educate customers about the wide range of products available for purchase.

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“In-store screens are an important element of Lightshade's ongoing effort to provide the best educational and learning opportunities for customers and patients in the retail environment,” said Lisa Farrimond-Gee, Lightshade’s director of marketing and corporate social responsibility. “Working with trusted partners such as BrightSign, Ping HD, and Onward Content provides us with a perfect turnkey solution for content management and digital delivery.”

Onward Content—a creative firm specializing in production of educational videos for the cannabis industry—created a vast array of informative videos, menu boards, and custom-branded content. In total, more than 160 video assets have been produced to date, with more on the way.

“Education is critical to ensuring a positive experience with cannabis,” said Julie Batkiewicz, Onward Content’s executive producer. “Being able to reach the consumer directly in the dispensary with dynamic content through digital signage is key to achieving that. We produced an extensive library of informative and custom content for Lightshade that enables them to not only educate, but also promote the brand and products. 

Each Lightshade dispensary has screens seamlessly integrated into the store’s décor—some are located in the lobby, while others are located in the bud bay. Ping HD’s EngagePHD content management software is used to manage content across the entire network, pushing content to 22 BrightSign LS Series 4 media players distributed across all eight of Lightshade’s retail locations.

"We frequently push new content to each location, which requires that we use hardware that’s reliable and works every time—that’s what drew us to BrightSign,” said Dave Petricig, Ping HD’s director of channel sales. “With BrightSign, we’re assured that each video asset displays as intended, every time.”

To maximize the unique presentation of 160-plus video assets created by Onward Content, more than 40 playlists are rotated several times each week, ensuring that no two screens in a single dispensary display the same content simultaneously. This ensures content is never stale, and that each customer enjoys a fresh experience whenever they enter the store.


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